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Whether you are researching homeschool curriculum and resources from Apologia or if you have questions after a purchase . . . We’ve “Got Answers”!

“Which Young Explorer Series book should we study first?”

“How can my child learn science more independently?”

“What are the benefits of the audio CDs?”


Listed below are the online resources you can access immediately and are available 24 hours a day!

The Ask Apologia segment of our blog answers questions that have come in from homeschooling parents via email, social media, phone, and in our booth at conferences.
Printable FAQ document for the Young Explorers Series
Printable FAQ document for the What We Believe Series
Course Sequence information for middle school and high school Apologia Science courses. This chart explains the order of the Apologia Science courses and the prerequisites for each course.
Scope and Sequence for Apologia middle school and high school science courses
FAQ page for the Apologia Online Academy

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