Can Coloring Books Be Fun and Educational?

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Years ago at a homeschool conference, a customer asked one of our associates if Apologia sold coloring books. The booth representative was a parent and fan of Apologia and knew that we published rigorous, college-prep curriculum. But this person was fairly new to sales and not totally familiar with the entire product line. “No ma’am. We don’t sell coloring books,” she said.

The associate proudly told me this story, at which point I informed her that we did, in fact, carry a coloring book. It goes with our advanced biology course and is designed to help students more effectively learn the inner workings of human anatomy.

Okay, so Apologia does sell at least one coloring book, and it is clearly educational. But what about “real” coloring books? Well, it turns out that one of the bestselling resources from Amazon is a coloring book. And not just any coloring book, but one for adults!

As a publisher of educational resources, this news caught my attention. Interestingly, half the titles on Amazon’s top ten list last week were coloring books for adults. Why is this? What’s going on? And what can home educators take away from this information?

There is something undeniably therapeutic about doodling, drawing, painting, or simply unwinding with a crayon and coloring book in hand. In a digital world full of smart phones, tablets, MP3 players, and other personal electronic devices, unplugging and engaging in an analog activity such as coloring can stimulate the brain in healthy and relaxing ways.

These days we publish several coloring books at Apologia, so I began to wonder how many homeschool moms or dads are actually putting them to use. Picture this scene: Mom reads one of our Bible textbooks to the kids and then assigns a notebooking journal activity to the older children. At this point she gets the younger kids started with a page in their coloring books and then decides to pick up some crayons or colored pencils of her own. Imagine how she feels as she takes her time and colors along with the children. I hope this strikes you as a beautiful sight.

Coloring Books by Apologia

We tend to think of coloring books as a resource for little kids—and for good reason. But more adults are realizing the benefits of coloring for themselves. I challenge you to sit down with your kids (or by yourself while the kids nap) and start coloring. We have several resources from which you can choose. All four titles in the What We Believe series have a companion 64-page coloring book illustrated by award-winning artist Alice Ratterree. These include Who Is God?, Who Am I?, Who Is My Neighbor?, and What On Earth Can I Do?. We also offer a 32-page coloring book that goes with the pre-K picture book Good Morning, God.

What do you think? Are you going to give it a try? I do believe our coloring books are truly educational, the highest quality, and simply the best ones I’ve ever seen. They aren’t just products without purpose meant to kill time or occupy a little one’s attention. But it would still grab my attention if the Apologia coloring books made it to our bestsellers list.

Mom and Dad, let me know if you gave this a try. I’d love to hear about your experience using one of our coloring books. Was it relaxing? Did you struggle to get into a creative mindset? Did you lose track of time? Will you do it again? What did you learn?

Walking by faith and enjoying the homeschooling adventure of a lifetime!

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