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bricks and trowell Apologia Academy is an online educational program providing live interactive classes for students from the 7th grade through Adults. We have two departments: 1) SCIENCE, and 2) BIBLE, APOLOGETICS, & WORLDVIEW.

What Do We Offer?

COLLEGE PREP: Apologia Academy offers college-preparatory programs in basic and advanced sciences, Bible, apologetics, and Christian worldview through a dynamic virtual-classroom experience that combines Apologia's acclaimed science curriculum, outstanding Bible and apologetics curriculum, and experienced Apologia teachers with the latest technology.

LIVE CLASSES: Our unique virtual classrooms effectively unite the benefits of teacher-led, real-time instruction with the advantages of highly convenient and multimedia-rich Internet delivery. Apologia Academy gives your family the choice of live classes delivered to your computer or recorded sessions that can be listened to at your convenience.

TEACHER & STUDENT INTERACTION: In the live classes, students may ask questions in real time while interacting with the teacher and other students. Combined with the best creation-based science, Bible, apologetics, and Christian worldview curriculum available, Apologia Academy's virtual classroom environment will provide your student with an unparalleled overall learning experience - and all of this is accomplished at home in the context of family.

Exceptional Courses, Unique Delivery, and Outstanding Instructors

When you register your student(s) at Apologia Academy.com, you will find several unique features that set us exclusively and refreshingly apart from others:

  • Live-feed, online classes with personal interaction
  • Recorded classes offered for later viewing
  • Major focus on worldview throughout the college-preparatory science, Bible, apologetics, and Christian worldview courses
  • Director of Apologia Academy, a masters degree apologist and theologian, also teaches Bible, apologetics, and worldview classes
  • Seasoned Christian teachers who are experts in their fields
  • Christian-based curriculum by Christian authors
  • Science instructors with appropriate degrees including B.S. and Master Degrees in the sciences.

Our teachers are committed to not only helping families disciple and educate their children at home, but also developing in each student a Christian Worldview. When faced with the some of the most important questions in life, how should we answer? A worldview develops, establishes, and influences the way we think and act. At Apologia Academy, your student will learn the influential and transformative impact a Christian worldview has on society, and that the Christian faith is not disconnected from reality. All truth is God's truth. What one believes about life, history, psychology, the Bible, and the nature of the universe should fit together in a logically rational and consistent package.

Your Home School, Transcripts, Credits, and Grades
Apologia Academy respectfully recognizes your home school as the legal educational institution. Because of this fact, Apologia Academy will not usurp your authority by giving credits for taking online courses You give your students the appropriate credits from your home school educational institution. We are here to assist you in that educational process.

Apologia Academy is an excellent educational resource for your homeschool both with curriculum and through our Academy. We assist schools (your homeschool, private school, etc.) with their education in the sciences and in Bible, apologetics, and World View disciplines. We teach you for 90 minutes, one day per week. There are 30 90-minute sessions for classes in the Bible, Apologetics, & Worldview Department, and 32 90-minute sessions in our Science Department classes. Outside of our "virtual classroom", the amount of time you have your student do class work during the week, is up to your homeschool (and any appropriate state requirements). We give the expert instruction, the student then works at home.

Therefore, your school is the educational institution that supplies transcripts, grades, proof of attendance, all record keeping, hours of time spent on various courses, etc. When you take Apologia Academy's live, online classes from our Master's degree, and B.S. degree instructors, you receive grades based on your students work during the semester. Those grades, however, are suggestions based on your student's work. They are copied and printed by you, the authorized educational institution, and turned into transcripts, credits, etc. - whatever your homeschool determines it needs for any other institution including public schools.

For many years students have taken classes from online, live educational resources like Apologia Academy. Some states differ in their cooperation with homeschool institutions. For detailed information including further questions about transcripts, state-by-state laws, record keeping, homeschool rights, credits, etc. please visit the Home School Legal Defense Association at http://www.hslda.org, and http://parentalrights.org/.