Readers in Residence™ Volume 1 – (Sleuth) Full Set

It is possible to teach your young readers to process and savor what they read, appreciating good literature while being captivated by it. It is imperative to teach your children to filter what they read through the truth of God’s Word. Readers in Residence is here to help children in grades 4 and up learn how to comprehend what they read while appreciating its beauty. High-interest activities, creative responses to reading assignments, and opportunities to share books with others will keep students motivated and grow their love for learning.



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The 2 books in this set include the All in One Student Text & Workbook + the Answer Key.

The Readers in Residence (RIR) series is a reading comprehension, literature, and vocabulary program. It may be used alone or in conjunction with the Writers in Residence series. Together the two programs provide a full year of language arts. In Readers in Residence, while studying some of the finest books in children’s literature, students learn how to do the following:

  • understand the author’s craft, choices, and intentions
  • recognize the literary elements authors use to create fiction and nonfiction
  • make inferences from the details in the text plus their own prior knowledge and experience
  • decode the meaning of unfamiliar words from context clues
  • build a rich and varied vocabulary
  • identify and understand figures of speech such as personification, metaphor, and hyperbole
  • notice how expert writers employ the conventions of the English language (punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and usage) to achieve clarity

Readers in Residence, Volume 1 is aimed at students in 4th grade and up. It is suitable for older students who struggle with reading comprehension or who are unfamiliar with the skills taught in this program.


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By (Duarte, United States) on 19 Aug. 2017 (Readers in Residence™ Volume 1 – (Sleuth) Full Set) :

Excellent Choice For My Family!

We have had such a great experience with Readers In Residence. The program goes way beyond the usual language arts, comprehension worksheets and instead, inspires thoughtful conversation and emotive responses. It has also worked really well for my youngest son - he has dyslexia and needs a curriculum that can easily flex to his needs.
Overall, I could not be happier with our choice to use Readers In Residence this year.

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