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Gather a few household materials and enjoy the list of activities for kids listed below. You can make it a family fun time, filled with science activities, art projects, and games. Apologia Science is known for an engaging writing style and science experiments for kids that only require simple items like crayons, glue, paper, straws, tape, etc.

Our list of science activities for kids of all ages (Yes, including you, Mom and Dad!) covers biology, chemistry, zoology, botany, physics, and more. Your family will travel to Mars, discover how germs spread, build a strong bridge out of paper, learn about solar eclipses, and more.

A Special Note About Our Activities for Kids Linked Below


All of Apologia’s science activity resources listed below have been designed to be used with multiple ages in your family. We encourage you to include younger children in activities that may seem above grade level. Your younger kids will still enjoy and learn much from the science activities. In addition, if content seems too young for your older children, have them help teach your younger kids as you enjoy these activities.

BONUS!  Homeschool Resources for Parents

For those who are homeschooling their children or thinking about homeschooling, Apologia has been a trusted name in the homeschooling community for over 25 years. Our authors and speakers inlcude active and veteran homeschool parents. We have several homeschool resources to help you as your get started homeschooling or seek additional information on how to homeschool.

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How to Homeschool Resources

Science Activities Related to the Human Body

Solar System Activities for Kids

Important Science Information for Middle School & High School Students

How to Write a Lab Report   – This resource was developed to help students understand the reason why knowing how to write a lab report is an important part of the science process. CLICK HERE (Browse to the bottom of the page.)


Physics and Chemistry Science Activities for Kids 

Animal Related Science Activities

Season and Holiday Activities for Kids

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