Apologia SuperSet™ – Anatomy & Physiology with Regular Notebooking Journal

This is an elementary level Anatomy & Physiology book that gives glory to God as children discover all that goes on in their bodies from their heads to the nails on their toes!

Save 15% when you purchase the Apologia SuperSet™ – Anatomy & Physiology with Reg Notebooking Journal. This set contains: Exploring Creation with Anatomy & Physiology textbook, Exploring Creation with Anatomy & Physiology Notebooking Journal, Exploring Creation with Anatomy & Physiology MP3 Audio CD. This set contains the Notebooking Journal recommended for grades 3-6.



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Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology is part of the award-winning Young Explorers Series--voted the #1 homeschool science curriculum for over 10 years in a row.

This set is not eligible for additional discounts. Additional Notebooking Journals or Junior Notebooking Journals for Exploring Creation with Anatomy & Physiology may be purchased in the same order as this set for 15% off regular retail price.

Apologia’s Young Explorer Series Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology elementary textbook gives glory to God as children learn how they are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. Written by Apologia author Jeannie Fulbright and pediatrician Brooke Ryan, M.D., this in-depth, creation-based journey through the human body explores everything from the brain in your head to the nails on your toes while always gently orienting the student towards the Creator.

Within the 14 lessons of this creation-based science textbook, students will encounter fascinating facts and engaging activities as they learn about the human body. Fourteen in-depth lessons cover:

  1. An introduction to anatomy and physiology, including the history of this subject and the fascinating world of cells and DNA
  2. The skeletal system
  3. The muscular system
  4. The digestive and renal systems
  5. Health and nutrition
  6. The respiratory system
  7. Life in the blood
  8. The cardiovascular system
  9. The nervous system
  10. The endocrine system
  11. Your senses
  12. The integumentary system
  13. The lymphatic and immune systems
  14. Growth and development

Students will enjoy creating their own personalized human figure, with all of the organs properly placed. A multitude of scientific experiments and projects have students testing the bacteria content around the house, finding their blood type, creating a cell model with Jello and candy, and even building a working stethoscope! In keeping with the other books in the Apologia elementary science Young Explorer Series, the Charlotte Mason methodology is employed with engaging narratives, narration prompts and notebooking projects, all of which reinforce learning using proven techniques that strengthen retention.

Notebooking Journal

Recommended for grades 3-6, this item contains a suggested lesson schedule, making this regular notebooking journal ready to use and enjoy.  Please preview the regular version of this item before purchasing.

Included in the Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Notebooking Journal:

  • A Suggested Schedule for completing the readings, notebooking assignments, activities, and experiments using a two-days-per-week plan

  • Fascinating Facts templates for your student to record what was learned in each lesson, using both words and illustrations

  • Creative templates for completing the Notebooking Assignments

  • Review Questions for each lesson that can be answered orally or in writing

  • Scripture Copywork, including both print and cursive practice

  • Project Pages and Scientific Speculation Sheets for recording experiments, projects, and activities completed during the course

  • An enormous selection of book and DVD suggestions to complement your student's studies

  • Ideas for dissections, projects and experiments to help your student Explore More

  • Beautiful, full-color, lapbook-style Miniature Books for your student to create

  • Field Trip Sheets for recording field trips or outings

  • A Final Review with 50 questions to test comprehension and retention

These Notebooking Journals are a perfect compliment to the Exploring Creation series, serving to increase each student's retention of the material they encounter throughout the course and providing an economical means for your child to create a beautiful keepsake of their learning. Each student will cherish their individual notebook as they make it their very own with words and illustrations reflecting all they have learned in their journey through the human body. Additionally, it provides you with a record of your student's scientific endeavors throughout the year. Not only that, it is a great tool for review: When your child flips through their notebook, they will be reminded of the knowledge they have attained, reviewing the material as they enjoy perusing the pages they have created.

A variety of activities include full-color mini-books, additional fun experiments, crosswords, and supplementary materials.  Recommended for use with students who have mastered handwriting, can take notes, and enjoy upper elementary level activities.

MP3 Audio CD

The Exploring Creation with Anatomy & Physiology  MP3 Audio CD is a recording of the author reading the textbook. Please note that this is not a standard CD. It is an MP3-CD. This means that in order to listen to this CD, you must play it in an MP3-compatible CD player or on a computer.

The MP3 audio CD is not returnable once opened!


Jeannie Fulbright, author of the Young Explorers Series, discusses immersion learning.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Young Explorers Series


The activities in this Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Notebooking Journal provide everything your child needs to complete the assignments in Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology.  In addition to a suggested lesson schedule, it serves as your child's individual notebook and provides a place for them to complete every...

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Designed for your younger student, this Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Junior Notebooking Journal is a perfect complement to the assignments in the main textbook. Age appropriate activities for your child include coloring pages, easy and fun science experiments, full-color mini-books, easier vocabulary exercises, and supplementary...

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