As a homeschool parent, you know that each of your children has their own learning style and each works at a different pace. In addition, as our children move through the teen years, their schedules become busier with outside activities. Planning and purchasing homeschool resources can be a challenge as you work to meet the educational needs and schedule of each child.

Apologia is excited to come alongside your family and present a new online educational tool that integrates seamlessly into your homeschool plan and allows your teens to complete their Apologia Science course in a flexible learning environment that fosters independence, choice, and engagement.

Introducing Apologia Self-Paced – Coming Soon!


Apologia Self-Paced is a self-contained online environment that presents the same award-winning Apologia Science courses your family has always enjoyed and trusted. It is designed to provide students a flexible, personalized, and interactive learning opportunity.


What’s Included in an Apologia Science Self-Paced Course Option?


The self-paced version of the courses includes the following components:

  • The e-Book version of the Apologia Science student textbook. These are the same versions as our print textbooks.
  • The Video Instruction material featuring Sherri Seligson as the instructor
  • Online tests and grading


Why Self-Paced Learning is Highly-Effective


  • In a self-paced environment, students are provided a positive learning experience by allowing them to focus and master concepts that are more challenging.
  • Homeschool parents can enjoy transparency and track student progress, then easily identify areas of strength and struggle. Tests are administered and graded online.
  • Self-paced learning provides the needed flexibility for busy homeschool and teen schedules that are packed with school assignments, church and extra-curricular activities, and work.
  •  By allowing students to control the pace through which they move through their Apologia Science course, students in a self-paced learning environment have an opportunity to become a more independent and self-directed learner.


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