Life, in all its miraculous forms, is a mystery worth studying and understanding through this high school biology course that sees all life as evidence of our Creator.

Introducing Exploring Creation with Biology, 3rd Edition

This foundational course covers everything students need to be successfully prepared for a college-level biology course. The materials have been updated, deeper explanations of certain concepts were added, and new graphics were created to help students understand the life sciences. 


What's Inside Exploring Creation with Biology, 3rd Edition

  • Content has been updated to ensure the most current science is presented 
  • The structure of the information has been reorganized to help students logically progress through their biological studies 
  • All experiments have been updated or replaced, and new ones have been added. 
  • New illustrations and infographics have been added to help students break down and digest difficult concepts in a visual manner
  •  New content has been added, including a new section on photosynthesis and a new section on diseases 
  • Overhaul of the section on genetics, including more information on DNA  

In This Course Your Student Will:

See the evidence of God’s creation as they learn scientific principles

Develop skills to think through and beyond the textbook materials, and be able to create their own experiments from concept to interpretation of results

Conduct experiments in a methodical way that prepares them not just for future classes, but for life

Take personal notes, conduct, and record experiments, and be able to interpret results

Learn how to record & report data, including the proper design of graphs & how to read them

Gain science confidence by developing a strong foundation in biology

What's Inside the Student Notebook

 Grading Record

 Study Guide Questions

Suggested Daily Schedule

 On Your Own Questions

Pages for Taking Notes

Lab Experiments & Reports

Receive Module 1 of both the textbook and Student Notebook, the Table of Contents, and the FAQ guide immediately via email. 


About Vicki Dincher

Vicki Dincher is a retired home school mom of four college graduates (all employed in science/health care fields). She’s been married to her college sweetheart, Jerry Dincher, since 1981 and now enjoys helping homeschool her grandchildren. 

Vicki holds an M.S. in biology from the University of Nebraska and a B.S. in biology from the University of Pittsburgh. 

In addition to teaching biology at a local community college, she taught middle school, high school, and college level science courses (including general science, physical science, biology, chemistry, physics, and advanced biology and physics) to home educated students in local co-ops and online for 25 years. 

For more than 20 years, Vicki was involved in a large 150 student homeschool co-op teaching science and serving as the executive director. It was while there that she realized her passion for helping students to use their own natural curiosity to “get” science and to connect what they observe in creation to the Creator.

Vicki began developing curriculum to encourage and inspire students in the sciences. Vicki continues to work with her local homeschool community through Encore! Home School Productions, a nonprofit organization providing educational and drama opportunities for home schooled middle school and high school students in the Central Pennsylvania area.

Receive Module 1 of both the textbook and Student Notebook, the Table of Contents, and the FAQ guide immediately via email. 


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