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Apologia offers several outstanding presenters available to speak at your next support group meeting or homeschool convention. Our speakers are knowledgeable, experienced, and come highly recommended for their keynote addresses,motivational talks, and seminars on the nuts and bolts of home education.

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Speaker Team

By Name

• Davis Carman
• Rachael Carman
• Dr. Debra Bell
• Jeannie Fulbright
• Sherri Seligson
• Larry Blythe
• Doug Powell
• Melissa Cain Travis

Davis Carman

Listen to a brief interview with Davis as he shares excerpts from sessions and discusses his heart for ministering to homeschooling parents and families.

Davis CarmanDavis Carman got started on his homeschool adventure with a providential two-by-four on the side of his head. Twenty years and three graduates later, he hopes to share some of the lessons he’s learned along the way to help other families enjoy the most successful, satisfying, and Christ-centered home school possible.

His mission is to help homeschooling families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith. This is accomplished in part through his work as president of Apologia Educational Ministries, the #1 publisher of Creation-based science and Bible curriculum with more than fifty #1 awards from families, homeschool organizations, and media.

Davis is passionate about his family. He married Rachael in 1986, and God has blessed them with seven children and one grandchild. So far, three children have graduated from their home school. Of those, one is a college graduate and newlywed. Davis and his family live in Waxhaw, North Carolina, where they enjoy the homeschooling adventure of a lifetime, complete with roller-coaster twists and turns and the occasional lazy river ride.

He is an international speaker and advocate for home education, having served twelve years on the board of North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE) as well as being the North Carolina Ambassador for the Home School Foundation, a ministry dedicated to helping homeschooling families in need. He is also a founding board member of Homeschool Now USA, a non-profit organization with the goal of helping grow the homeschool population in this country from two million students to five million by 2025.

Davis has a degree in mechanical engineering from Vanderbilt University and a master’s degree from Purdue University. The first ten years of his career involved research and development in the aerospace and automotive industries. The second ten years, Davis was general manager of a growing plastics manufacturing company.

Currently a work-at-home homeschool dad, Davis will be found working late on days that he spent serving as coach, math tutor, or taxi driver to educational activities such as soccer, music, art, or young engineers lab. Davis isn’t a perfect husband or father, but he loves being with his wife throughout the day and immediately available to handle disciplinary matters or to experience an extraordinary Deuteronomy 6 moment in the course of an ordinary day.

Davis is also the author of three illustrated children’s books designed to instill a biblical worldview. Good Morning, God is based on Deuteronomy 6, and A Light for My Path is an ABC book based on Psalm 119. His latest, In the Beginning, is based on the Creation account in Genesis.

He believes that if there was ever a time to homeschool, it is now!


The Session Titles:

• I Believe in Homeschooling
• Give Me One Good Reason to Homeschool
• The First Five Years of Homeschooling (I Mean Parenting)
• Truths to Know Early
• Psalms to Know Early
• Radically Intentional Parenting
• Don’t Ring the Bell (aka Never Ever Give Up)
• Smooth Homeschool Sailing
• H.E.A.R.T. Exam for Homeschooling Dads
• A.P.P.L.E.S. for the Teacher
• Deuteronomy 6 and Beyond
• Homeschool Castles
• Desirable Disadvantages (Think David and Goliath)
• Family — Our Best Apologia Ever
• Exploring Creation
• Seven Wonders of the Human Body
• What We Believe — Biblical Worldview Education at Home
• Praise Him in the Storm
• Learn, Live, and Defend the Faith
• Leadership Lessons from the Trenches

I Believe in Homeschooling

(Getting Started, General)
Most parents place a high value on the education they can give to their children. It prepares them for life and gives them hope for a happy future. In the old days, the three R’s of schooling included reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithematic. Is homeschooling succeeding because it is reclaiming the tried and true educational philosophy or is something else going on? In this workshop, Davis presents a compelling case for you to believe in the power of homeschooling and seven new R’s to back it up.

Give Me One Good Reason to Homeschool

(Getting Started)
Are parents really qualified to teach their children everything? What about socialization? These are just a couple of the concerns that make homeschooling seem impossible. But you know homeschooling is continuing to grow. More and more families are considering it and taking the plunge. What are the top reasons? In this session, Davis discusses the moral, academic, and practical reasons to homeschool, and helps dispel the myths we all tend to believe. When you finish this workshop, you will know that if there was ever a time to homeschool, it is now.

The First Five Years of Homeschooling (I Mean Parenting)

(Getting Started)
The first five years of parenting are crucial times of development for young children. Foundations are set that give them a perspective of God, themselves, and others. During these early years, children gain an understanding of love, obedience, and responsibility. Their worldview will be shaped by the books you read to them (including the Bible) and the freedom they are given to sing, dance, play, and explore the great outdoors of God’s wonderful Creation. Is this parenting, homeschooling, or both? In this workshop, you will discover ten lessons your young children should learn and experience that can make a big difference in the first five years of their life.

Truths to Know Early

(Getting Started)
Truth exists, and it is knowable, even by preschoolers. They key is to present these important truths to your children at an early age. Since this is foundational to how your kids will view the world around them, wouldn’t it be great to have a list available of truths to teach first? Based on research from the Barna Group, Davis presents a portion of the key elements from his book Truth to Know Early so that you can be ready to teach your preschoolers with confidence.

Psalms to Know Early

(Getting Started)
You and your child may be familiar with a few phrases from the book of Psalms. Many have made their way into modern-day hymns and worship songs. For example: The heavens declare the glory of God (Psalm 19), Delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires (Psalm 37), Teach us to number our days carefully (Psalm 90), This is the day the Lord has made (Psalm 118), and Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path (Psalm 119). This workshop, based on the book by the same title is intended to help illuminate and reinforce the inspired words of God in the hearts and minds of your children while they are young. I believe that if children will learn and embrace these scriptures at an early age, they will grow to love God and His Word.

Radically Intentional Parenting

Parents love their kids more than anyone on the planet. They want the best for their children, especially when it comes to education, character development, and relationships. Then why do so many parents take the lazy-man’s approach and “wing it” in many important areas of child training? It could be that parenting is hard work—really hard work. You could even say, it’s just not for wimps. The issues facing parents are many, critical, and looming. What direction will you take your family when it comes to discipline, sports, sleepovers, cell phones, video games, movies, dating, and more? Young kids need courageous leadership from their mom and dad, and you will choose to be passive or proactive, spontaneous or intentional. Davis has three decades worth of parenting experience with seven kids. In this presentation, he shares some of the best and worst decisions a parent can make.

Don’t Ring the Bell (aka Never Ever Give Up)

(Getting Started, General)
Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. It can be scary to start and just as daunting to continue. Statistics show that roughly 20% of parents who start this journey quit after the first year. Then another 20% stop after year two with 10% walking away by year three. The trend levels off by year four with a little less than half of those who started remaining. What separates those who stick with it from those who give up? Is it just a matter of persevering? Davis believes that every child is a homeschool child, but not every parent is a homeschool parent. Are you a homeschool parent? Come and find out. And if you are, Davis will give you five promises that should inspire you to never ever give up and four fundamentals to help you persevere and succeed.

Smooth Homeschool Sailing

(Getting Started)
Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. There are bad days, bad weeks, and bad months. Let’s be honest. Sometimes there are bad years. So how in the world can you get this ship sailing on smoother waters so that you can make some progress toward your destination? In this presentation, Davis proclaims that it is possible to have a fruitful family homeschool by making sure you are sailing on four very important ships. If you need to chart a new course in your homeschooling journey, come and see how God can make the rough places smooth.

H.E.A.R.T. Exam for Homeschooling Dads

Tests and exams are a typical part of school, even home schools. In this session, Davis helps homeschooling dads take an exam — a spiritual exam of the heart. He uses the word H.E.A.R.T. as an acronym to display truths found in the book of Malachi, which deals with very real heart issues. The topics covered by “Dr. Malachi” include relationships with both God and family. The goal is to discover the practical and faithful steps a father can take in the journey towards turning one’s heart to his children.

A.P.P.L.E.S. for the Teacher

The gift of a fresh, shiny apple still represents respect and gratitude towards one’s teacher. Why should it be any different for the homeschooling mom? They typically carry the lion’s share of the homeschooling workload. To help them avoid burnout, husbands need to help their wife avoid feeling 100% of the homeschooling responsibility. Your wife needs to hear “thank you” in many different ways and know for sure that you are engaged. In this session, Davis gives six real and practical ideas for supporting your wife in the homeschooling journey.

Deuteronomy 6 and Beyond

Deuteronomy 6 is a classic scripture admonishing parents to teach their children diligently when sitting at home, when walking along the way, when lying down, and when getting up. There are many more places in God’s Word that speak to home education and family discipleship. Whether you are at the crossroads considering home education, a few years into it deciding whether to stay the course, or a veteran in need of affirmation, the truth found in God’s Word will set you free. Davis shares many of these inspired verses in a way that brings God’s wisdom all the way home.

Homeschool Castles

Castles of old were built to last for thousands of years. Many are still standing today for visitors to admire. What are we building in our family home schools today? Is there a manual or blueprint to follow? Why are we doing this? Will the sacrifice be worth it? In this session, Davis looks at similarities between a castle and a home school, then he develops a vision for your family, children, and the children yet to be born — one that can bring glory to God and help you prepare for the challenges that will come in the future. All the reasons why God is moving in the homeschooling community may be hard to understand in the context of present history, so it will take faith. We may not see all the fruit in our lifetime, so it will call for hope. Better start building now; your great-grand children will thank you.

Desirable Disadvantages (think David & Goliath)

Most school systems think the answer to their problems is a more money, certified teachers, and more standardized testing. They debate about these and other issues trying to find the magic bullet to get the average student scores to move ever so slightly up the charts. Without all the “benefits” afforded by publish and private schools, how in the world can homeschools ever have a chance to succeed? Just like David seemed like no match for Goliath, what appear to be disadvantages for homeschooling families can prove to be in our favor and therefore quite desirable. What are they? Come and hear about six of them.

Family — Our Best Apologia Ever

Apologia is a Greek word meaning “defend the faith.” In a society saturated with an anti-God and relative-Truth perspectives, students need to be taught from a biblical worldview. The statistics show that a very small percentage of born again believers have a worldview consistent with basic Christian doctrines. The Internet, movies, music, books and other media heavily influence the thoughts, beliefs, and corresponding actions of young people. How can homeschooling parents help their children stand firm and not be as vulnerable to the modern-day lies? Certainly one solution can be the use of good books and curricula including creation-based science curricula. The best way is by committing to three ideals. Davis will explain how raising children in a family setting where Christ is worshipped and where the Word of God is the primary text can fulfill the great commission and result in generational faithfulness. Family is truly our best defense of the Christian faith.

Exploring Creation

For way too many kids these days, their only outlet is…well…an outlet. Are your kids bored and grouchy unless they are plugged in to the Internet or a video game? What ever happened to catching frogs, picking dandelions, climbing trees, and lying in the grass to see the shapes formed by clouds in the sky? There is a world outdoors just waiting to be discovered. In this session, Davis states that every child should explore the wonders of God’s creation because of three truths that can be found in one of the most exciting classrooms that exists — the one outside.

Seven Wonders of the Human Body

We are human beings made in the image of our Creator, who breathed into us the breath of life. God entrusted us to care for all of His Creation, which we observe via the intricate and complex senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. We are invited to taste and see that the LORD is good (Psalm 34:8). In this workshop, Davis takes you on a tour of seven wonders of the human body so that you can have a renewed sense of awe and understanding of what it means to be fearfully and wonderfully made by God Almighty (Psalm 139).

What We Believe — Biblical Worldview Education at Home

With statistics showing that seventy-five percent or more teens leave the Christian faith within a few years after they leave home, it is critical that parents give a solid biblical worldview education to their children when they are young. How is this to be accomplished? In this session, Davis addresses some of the most important questions a person will ever ask including “Who is God?” and “Who am I?” Once a person has a biblical worldview of God, Truth, and Self-Image, then they can tackle the questions of “Who is my neighbor?” and “What on earth can I do?” You may already know why it is important to teach your children what you believe. Now come find out what to teach them and how it can be done. Their eternal future may be at stake.

Praise Him in the Storm

Have you had times in your life when everything seems to go wrong, even though you are seeking God with all your heart? Davis Carman can relate. In this session, Davis gives his personal testimony leading up to the purchase of Apologia. He describes the trials he encountered while trying to acquire the creation-based science curriculum publisher — a fight worth fighting even though the cost was high. His story is a roller coaster ride involving extended unemployment, perseverance, and the fight for a dream. He recounts how God provided for his family’s every need through the body of Christ. In this session, we will discover how God works powerfully in our lives — especially in the midst of the storms we often encounter.

Learn, Live, and Defend the Faith

After graduation, what is a homeschooled student to do? What should be their aim, their goal? With all the voices shouting for their attention (work, college, family, and friends), how in the world can a teen choose a wise, virtuous, and responsible path? In this talk, Davis gives three easy-to-remember points that can steer a new graduate in the right direction. Learn, know, and be set free by the truth found in God’s Word. Live the abundant life found only in Christ by loving God with all your heart and loving your neighbor as yourself. In the conclusion, Davis challenges the graduate to take the path less traveled by following God’s original design for family. In doing so, the Christian faith will be defended better than ever.

Leadership Lessons from the Trenches

Being in a leadership position is tough work. Your heart desires to see great things happen for homeschooling families in your area, but the enemy throws so many flaming arrows your way. Often these come in the form of conflict with people. How can you as a leader build trust among your team members and constituents, maintain healthy relationships when facing conflict, and confront difficult issues effectively? In this workshop, Davis gives four leadership lessons he has learned first-hand from the field (aka trenches), and you will learn how to be more effective in your leadership role.



Rachael Carman


Rachael CarmanI had it going on—or so I thought. After surviving sixty-three months of pregnancy, countless sleepless nights, and 35,000+ diapers, this one-time control freak encountered God’s grace. And I’m here to encourage you to do the same! I love encouraging and inspiring moms to grow deeper in their walk and relationship with our Heavenly Father.

In my books How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You? and How to Have a HEART for Your Kids, I challenge mothers to surrender their will and draw closer to the Lord. I invite moms to join me in loving God passionately and worshiping Him fully while sweeping up Cheerios, doing laundry, and planning dinner. You will be affirmed in your role as a mother as I speak of my own struggles with perfectionism and impatience and share my challenges, failures, and victories amid the ever-changing seasons of life. My honesty will surprise you, and my humor will put you at ease.

I’ve been married to my beloved, Davis, since 1986; our life has been a roller-coaster ride, with God at the controls. We have seven kids and let me tell you our family loves to laugh! I enjoy playing in the dirt, eating dark chocolate, and walking on the beach. My husband and I own Apologia Educational Ministries, I’m an author and speaker – I am passionate about helping moms not only survive motherhood, but draw near to the Father and thrive in motherhood.

The Session Titles:

• What About THAT Child?
• When Doubt Creeps In
• How to Stop Wrestling and Start Resting
• How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?
• How to Have a HEART for Your Kids
• Teaching Your Children to BLESS
• Attention, Obsessive-Compulsive, Perfectionist, Control-Freaks: CHILL OUT
• Stand by Your Man
• Soaring Beyond Survivals
• How to DIE to Yourself and LIVE to Tell About It
• Loving, Learning, and Laughing
• Me? Homeschool?
• Pace vs. Perseverance
• Seven Simple Steps to Sanity
• How to Really Live
• Family Reading Time
• Teaching Foundational Truth

Inspirational Topics

New! What About THAT Child?

What face comes to mind when you hear “that child”? Do you smile or scowl when you see that face? Do you struggle to like that child? That child is a world changer. God has a plan for that child. All of that energy, all those questions, all that strength, all THAT, is God-given for His glory. Come learn strategies for learning to enjoy that child, to embrace that child, and to train that child for God’s purposes.


New! When Doubt Creeps In

We all have moments of doubt along this homeschool journey. We wonder if we’re doing the right thing or if we are messing up our kids. You are not alone in your desperate moments. Come have your hope renewed!


New! How to Stop Wrestling and Start Resting

For those of us who are doers, wrestling feels like we are doing something, while resting doesn’t. But God calls us to rest in His sovereignty—to trust Him and submit to His plan, His will, His way. What does that look like? How does a wrestler become a rester? Come and learn how to start today.


How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?

God uses moments when we talk to our children to speak to us. Are we listening to Him the way we want our children to listen to us? Join Rachael as she shares how God meets us in every moment.


How to Have a HEART for Your Kids

Solomon wrote, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (Proverbs 4:23). As we approach a heart relationship with our children, we need to focus our efforts on the things that really matter. This lesson uses the acronym H.E.A.R.T. to identify what really matters from a biblical viewpoint.


Teaching Your Children to BLESS

How can you practically teach your kids to bless one another? This talk is an easy-to-remember lesson with five specific ways that you and your kids can bless each other through words and actions.


Attention, Obsessive-Compulsive, Perfectionist, Control-Freaks: CHILL OUT

As an obsessive-compulsive-perfectionist-control-freak herself, Rachael is sometimes her own worst enemy when it comes to taking advantage of the freedoms of home school. Are you too tied to your plan? Do you shiver at the idea of change or adjustment? Are you missing out on significant moments because you are focused on the trivial? Join Rachael for a lesson on how to chill out and turn control over to God.


Stand by Your Man

All too often the lessons are finished, the books read, and the frogs dissected, but what priority are you giving the principal? When does he get time with his favorite teacher? Is it time for a principal-teacher meeting (a.k.a. a date)? Standing by our husbands through this challenging lifestyle choice is often neglected. Come and remember the blessing of a well-prioritized home.


*Soaring Beyond Survival

Homeschooling is not easy. As a matter of fact, it can be downright overwhelming, tempting us to slip into survival mode. Homeschooling is the adventure of a lifetime, and God will be your strength. It is not His will that you just survive—He wants you to thrive. Come hear Rachael discuss what it takes to soar like an eagle.


How to DIE to Yourself and LIVE to Tell About It

Every day you are bombarded with messages that say it’s all about you. Treat yourself. Free yourself. Believe in yourself. It’s all a big lie propagated by the king of lies! We must shift our focus away from ourselves and on to our awesome and almighty God. Peace and contentment can only come from a life that is totally surrendered to Christ and His will. Come learn how this realization radically changed Rachael’s direction and purpose. It can change yours too!


Loving, Learning, and Laughing

Homeschooling is an amazing journey—the adventure of a lifetime. There are unique challenges, opportunities, and experiences. Getting our priorities straight will not only honor God, but it will also improve and enhance the quality of education you’re giving your children.


Me? Homeschool?

Rachael discusses with candor and transparency how she and her husband came to the decision to homeschool their children. This is great encouragement and inspiration for families trying to decide whether or not to homeschool and for those in the midst of a difficult first or second year.


Pace vs. Perseverance

Having trouble staying on schedule with your chosen curriculum? Wondering if you can keep up with everyone else for just one day? Come and hear Rachael’s confession of her own personal battle with homeschool schedules and how she looks to God to help her persevere.


Seven Simple Steps to Sanity

Ever feel like you are about to lose your mind as a stay-at-home mom. There’s so much to do and so little time. How do you balance it all? How do you know what to do and what not to do? Laugh along with Rachael as you see how insane our culture is and how peaceful walking with God can be.


How to Really Live (designed for teens or as a graduation speech)

How should homeschool graduates approach life as they leave home and launch out into the big, wide world? Yes, they have been given many advantages through home education, but how does that play out in life and the decisions that loom so large? Come listen and consider: What might God do?


Practical Topics

Family Reading Time

One of the huge advantages of homeschooling is snuggling together on the sofa to read classics, biographies, histories, and other great books. Exploring other cultures, perspectives, and experiences together is one of the best-kept secrets of homeschooling’s success. Learn how your family can make the most of it!


Teaching Foundational Truth

What is truth? You and your family need to know the answer. It is foundational that our children understand that truth exists and that it is absolute. Rachael Carman shares six truths about truth that Christian parents need to instill in the minds of their children. Includes motions that can make learning fun and easy to remember!


* Denotes homeschool focus

NOTE: The talks Loving, Learning, and Laughing, How to Have a HEART for Your Kids, and 7 Simple Steps contain similar material and should not be done at the same conference.



Dr. Debra Bell


Dr. Debra Bell

Debra Bell, Ph.D., is the best-selling author of the award-winning Ultimate Guide to HomeschoolingUltimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens, and the Ultimate Planners for moms, teens, and students (Apologia Press). Writers-in-Residence: A Writing-Focused Language Arts Program and Readers-in-Residence: A Literacy Program will be released in 2015, along with a companion website. She also serves on the board and executive committee for the Global Home Education Conference, to be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, March 2016.

A former high school and college English teacher, Debra and her husband Kermit home educated their four kids K-12; all of whom are now married, degreed, and employed (They also love Jesus). Her articles on homeschooling have been widely published, including, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Homeschooling Today, The Teaching Home, and Thriving Families Magazine. She has been a keynote or featured speaker at numerous international and national venues for more than twenty-five years. Recent venues have included Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany; Manila, Philippines; Guam; Budapest, Hungary; Malaga, Spain; Hakuba, Nagano, Japan, and HSLDA’s National Leaders Conference, USA.

Debra holds a bachelor’s of science in communications education, and a master’s degree in English. After homeschooling, she completed a Ph.D. in educational psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where she also held a teaching assistantship in the College of Education. During her homeschooling years, Debra founded three homeschool co-ops which continue today (one for elementary, one for high school, and one for drama). She and her husband, Kermit, also founded Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services, a major non-profit ministry serving women unprepared for pregnancy throughout South-Central Pennsylvania. A pioneer in online education, today she is executive director and lead teacher for Aim Academy, which provides online college prep and AP® courses for 7th-12th graders both stateside and abroad. More information about her online classes, books, forthcoming curriculum, and speaking schedule can be found at DebraBell.com.


Seminar Topics


• 8 Reasons Kids Learn Best At Home
• Education by Design—Understanding God’s Blueprint for Your Child
• 21st Century Homeschooling
• Writers-in-Residence: Inspire Your Kids to Write Their Hearts Out
• The Six Traits of Great Writing
• Academic Writing: What Is It? Why Does It Matter? How Do I Teach It?
• Cultivating a Love for Learning in Our Homes
• Developing Motivation and Interest in Kids of All Ages
• Developing Creative and Critical Thinking Skills
• Motivating the Reluctant Learner
• Online Learning: Does it work? Is it good for kids?
• College Credit for High School Work?
• Study-Smart Student Strategies: The 20 Power Tools of Learning and the brain science behind them
• Homeschooling Teens
• Designing a College Prep High School Program
• The Comparison Trap
• Hope for Weary Moms
• Standing Strong through High School


8 Reasons Kids Learn Best At Home

If we started with what the research tells us about how kids learn best and built a school from the ground up – we’d build a home! Learn the critical factors that help explain why homeschooled kids succeed – and what you can do to keep the windows of wonder open in your house.


Education by Design—Understanding God’s Blueprint for Your Child

The human brain is the most complex creation in the universe and it is hard-wired by God for learning. In the same way aerobic exercise keeps our hearts healthy, intellectual activity keeps our brains healthy. This session provides a fast and furious overview of how our brain processes and organizes information, and the individual differences we should recognize and accommodate in each of our kids. We will look at ways to build conceptual understanding and talk about the three essential ingredients necessary for optimal learning. By the end of the session, you will have a deeper understanding of God’s eternal purposes in His design of each of your children and how they learn best.


21st Century Homeschooling

Welcome to the digital age. What does the future of education look like, and how can the homeschool community take advantage of this? Here’s a look at free tools and free content sites online that can make your homeschool more efficient, more economical, and more powerful. Harness the educational advantage of online learning and give your kids a jumpstart on their future. We will look at how Web 2.0 applications are changing the definition of education – blogs, wikis, Google applications, Skype, VoiceThreads, open courseware, YouTube, Facebook and even Twitter, when used appropriately can really help kids learn.


Writers-in-Residence: Inspire Your Kids to Write Their Hearts Out

Language is an amazing grace from God, and a gift to steward and revel in. Skill and confidence in crafting words into stories and arguments will open doors for your children and lead them into their futures. Here’s how to cast a vision, encourage and support the journey, capture each child’s unique writer’s voice, and delight in the prose and poetry your kids produce. You may find yourself inspired to write as well. (This is not a promotional for my curriculum of the same


The Six Traits of Great Writing

From academic papers to creative writing—from poetry to prose, great writing has these six characteristics in common. Once you know what they are, you will know how to respond to and assess your child’s writing at every stage in the process. Rubrics and other handouts from the Writers-in-Residence program will be provided.


Academic Writing: What Is It? Why Does It Matter? How Do I Teach It?

If your child graduates high school with only one skill in hand, it needs to be this one. Academic writing, AKA argument writing, is how your child will engage the culture and the academic community on campus and online. This is what admissions offices scour the student essay for, this is what scholarship committee’s prize. Your teens will improve their critical thinking, master subject matter across domains, learn to evaluate and counter other’s ideas, and clarify their own IF argument writing is at the center of your college prep high school program.

Debra’s humor and practical information are always so helpful. Please invite her back next year! VA

I would travel hundreds of miles if Debra Bell is speaking. NE

My wife made me come to this session . . . I’ve attended many corporate conferences and I’m not easily impressed. You know your stuff. I learned a lot. Thanks. TX


Cultivating a Love for Learning in Our Homes

A love for learning is a blessing God has for His children—one that is meant to enrich our lives, give us purpose and draw us into a quest to know the Creator. This workshop will give you a biblical foundation for safeguarding a child’s natural curiosity and joy of discovery; and suggest ways to approach homeschooling that keeps this important element alive and growing in your child.


Developing Motivation and Interest in Kids of All Ages

This seminar covers the importance of intrinsic motivation and interest in learning. Research shows motivation to be an inherent characteristic of young children, but in a traditional setting, studies indicate most students show a steady loss in academic motivation the longer they are in school; however, homeschooling is an antidote to this decline. Learn practical ways to help your children and teens develop and retain motivation and enjoyment in academic pursuits.


Developing Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

What are thinking skills and why all the fuss? This seminar challenges traditional teaching methods head on by outlining the best way to teach so your child can remember and use what he has learned– even when he is an adult. Analysis, synthesis and evaluation explained; samples of creative and critical thinking. And lots of suggested resources and activities that are uncomplicated, time-saving, inexpensive, and effective.


Motivating the Reluctant Learner

10 proven strategies that kindle a love for learning in a child and help him master areas of difficulty; at the same time, reduce conflict and frustration for mom and kid.


Raising an Independent Learner

Do you want a lifelong learner who initiates studies on his own? Then let go of the wheel and start giving your kids responsibility for their education. Here are practical, inexpensive steps that will encourage children to pursue their own learning, and prevent parent burnout as well.


Online Learning: Does it work? Is it good for kids?

From an educator with more than a decade of experience teaching online; as well as, a homeschool mom who used online learning extensively during the high school years—this session will review types of online classes, the types of students who fare best in each and how to get the best experience for your money.


College Credit for High School Work?

Here are all the options for converting the work your teen completes during high school into college credit at a fraction of the cost. From CLEP and AP testing to dual enrollment, we’ll cover the gamut of options, the costs and best type of student for each. Attendees receive a graphic organizer that shows how these options can best be turned into


Study-Smart Student Strategies: The 20 Power Tools of Learning and the brain science behind them

This session is for teens and their parents. Cut your study time in half, remember what you learn, recall it when you need it.


Homeschooling Teens

From the perspective of a mom who raised four teens, long time high school level teacher and evaluator of numerous high school homeschool programs. The high school years are your child’s resume for the future. Here’s how to maximize his time, prepare him for a changing job market, get doors to open, and facilitate non-traditional learning experiences.


Designing a College Prep High School Program

This session covers the timeline, coursework, tests and extra-curricular activities that position your teen for acceptance and scholarship-consideration at the colleges of his/her choice.


Spiritually-Focused Topics for Your Ladies’ Tea or Luncheon


The Comparison Trap

They’re not the competition! Friendships with other women are meant to be a significant source of support, comfort and grace. But, our own thinking and the enemy of our soul can shutoff or pervert this wonderful gift from God. Are we missing God’s eternal intentions in the relationships that surround us? Or letting the comparison trap undermine our friendships? If we are willing to lock arms and share the joys and burdens of marriage, motherhood and homeschooling together, God will open up new rivers of grace in each of our lives.


Hope for Weary Moms

There is a Redeemer: God is working redemptively through homeschooling. Here is the hope we have for our failures, weaknesses and frustrations. God is at work to make Himself known to you more deeply and fully.


Standing Strong through High School

Why staying the course through the teen years can be the most fruitful and important years of homeschooling; as well as, the most rewarding for Mom and Dad.



Jeannie Fulbright


Jeannie Fulbright

Jeannie Fulbright is a mother of four with a love for God’s Word, her family, homeschooling, science, and encouraging homeschool parents. After graduating from the University of Texas in 1991, she married her husband Jeff, an attorney in Georgia. Throughout their marriage, Jeannie and Jeff have dedicated time to teaching and encouraging families, speaking on topics such as developing a consistent walk with God and a powerful prayer life; building a strong marriage; nurturing a happy, healthy family; and nuts-and-bolts homeschooling topics.

Jeannie began speaking and writing in college as a sportscaster for the University of Texas and a headline writer with the Daily Texan. Following graduation and marriage, she focused on building up the Christian community, teaching marriage and parenting classes, and writing articles and Bible studies. After her homeschool journey began, Jeannie discerned an immense need for Creation-based, scientifically sound, engaging, easy-to-use science curricula. Her background in science at the University of Texas, as well as her writing experience, inspired her to create the Apologia elementary science courses. Though her primary and most consuming occupation is educating her four children, ranging from elementary through high school, she is committed to arming parents with Creation science courses, speaking around the country, and writing as the Lord leads her. During the summers, she is also working to complete a master’s degree.

Jeannie has written many articles for magazines and other publications and regularly speaks at retreats, workshops and conventions. She always makes time to answer e-mails and encourage homeschoolers on their journey.


Jeannie’s Speaking Topics


• Encouraging Success in Your Children
• College Crash Course
• If I Could Do It Over
• Trading Pressure for Peace
• Charlotte Mason: Excellence without Sacrifice
• The 7 E’s for Choosing Curriculum
• Notebooking—Creativity with a Purpose
• Solving Your Science Struggles
• How to Homeschool Multiple Kids
• Imparting a Biblical Worldview to Your Children
• Lord, Help Me! Developing a Powerful Prayer Life
• How to Build Your House
• Homeschooling: Methods that Win and Methods that Wipe Out


Encouraging Success in Your Children

We all want our children to lead happy, productive lives. As homeschooling parents, we feel a great burden of responsibility for their future. Ultimately, that future is in God’s hands, and our number one goal should be to steer them into a genuine, vital relationship with the Living God. Yet as the special people to whom God has entrusted these children’s lives, education, and future, we must learn to discern their unique giftings and probable vocation, ministry and purpose in life. In so doing, we will be equipped to nurture and encourage them to follow their own path to success—spiritually, emotionally, academically, and vocationally. In this talk, Jeannie Fulbright shares how to create an atmosphere that draws our children’s hearts to God; how to recognize their unique bents, talents, and gifts; and how to pass on a vision for their future and empower them to take responsibility for their walk with God, their education, and their future. She also covers issues of common concern, such as the unmotivated child, the struggling learner, and other issues we may face in our journey to encourage success in our children.

College Crash Course

Rumors abound. Some purport that colleges love homeschoolers; others warn that you need to accredit. The truth is, there is a lot of misinformation in the homeschool community. Indeed, going from homeschool to college does involve jumping through hoops. Jeannie Fulbright is here to share what those hoops are. Jeannie homeschooled her oldest child from start to finish, helping her garner Early Acceptance to the University of Georgia on scholarship, where she is now on the Dean’s List. As Jeannie navigated the opens seas of college admissions, she learned what colleges want and how to make a homeschooler an appealing college applicant. From transcripts and portfolios to the application process and everything in between, the earlier you have this information, the easier it will be sail through the hoops that’ll get your child into their college of choice.

If I Could Do It Over

Looking back over our parenting years, don’t we all wish we could have done some things differently? What if someone had given you advice that would have helped you avoid your biggest mistakes? In this talk, Jeannie Fulbright shares her greatest homeschooling mistakes in the hope of saving you from making those mistakes yourself. She addresses everything from choosing curriculum, dealing with behavior, learning disabilities, and sibling issues to having the right intentions but the wrong focus and being consumed with an avalanche of negative emotions, such as worry, anger, irritability, anxiety, and fear of failure—all brought on by lies she believed. Jeannie shares stories of the consequences she faced, as well as how our merciful God was able to redeem the years the locusts had eaten and guide her into a vibrant, joyful, and successful homeschool experience.

Trading Pressure for Peace

You’ve heard people say, “I could never homeschool my kids. They would drive me crazy.” Indeed, the greatest hindrance to homeschooling is not teaching algebra, nor is it unruly, unmotivated children; the most looming obstacle we face is the emotions that erupt when all does not go smoothly or we meet with difficulties and snares. Believe it or not, it is possible to respond to every issue with peace and strong faith. We can, like the Proverbs say, smile at the future (even when the present challenges seem impossible). This will result in a homeschool environment that’s healthy, hopeful, and helpful. Jeannie Fulbright shares from her own spiritual journey in the hope that the truth will set you free to experience the abundant life of peace that Christ provided for you each and every homeschool day.

Charlotte Mason: Excellence without Sacrifice

Filled with a strong desire to do the best for their children, many homeschoolers adopt philosophies and techniques that are both burdensome and ineffective, often leaving parents feeling heavy-laden, weary, and discouraged. There is a better way. Jeannie Fulbright shares how using the key tenets of the Charlotte Mason method will enrich and edify your family’s life, enabling you to impart a quality education while relieving burden and burnout. This lively talk is bubbling with truth as Jeannie shares her knowledge, insights, research, support and personal experiences with the primary concepts taught in Charlotte Mason’s Original Homeschooling Series.

The 7 E’s for Choosing Curriculum

As an admitted curriculum junkie, Jeannie Fulbright bought everything that sounded good. From A Beka to Hillyer to e-books, she has tried every kind of curriculum and method available. Out of this experience, she has formulated the 7 E’s to help her carefully choose curriculum that works for her family. In this seminar, she shares her experiences, as well as the conclusions she reached through this process. Following the 7 E’s in choosing homeschool curriculum will enable you to enjoy a successful homeschooling year and avoid wasting money on things that won’t work for you. These 7 E’s will ensure that your children have curriculum that conforms to your mission and goals and breathes life and ease into your homeschooling journey.

Notebooking—Creativity with a Purpose

Tell me and I will forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand. When children create something from their learning, they will remember what they learned far longer than if they completed a worksheet page about it. This workshop explains why and how to give kids an easy, effective approach that replaces workbooks, enhances learning and retention of the subject, and develops a true love for learning. Jeannie Fulbright shares tips and actual demonstrations for replacing workbook assignments with creative ideas for science, history, geography, literature, and more. Examples and visual aids make the information easy to understand and implement in your homeschool.

Solving Your Science Struggles

Let’s face it—most people don’t like science. Why is that? It’s likely because of how science was taught to them as children. In this talk, based on years of research, data, and experience, Jeannie Fulbright shares her understanding of how science should be taught to elementary students. You will learn the keys to successfully building a solid foundation of science education, with tips, ideas, and examples for making science come to life for both parents and students.

How to Homeschool Multiple Kids

As an experienced homeschooling mother of four children ages 12 through 19, Jeannie Fulbright shares tips and ideas to make homeschooling children of different ages and abilities a breeze.

Imparting a Biblical Worldview to Your Children

What is a biblical worldview? How does our worldview affect the quality of our lives? How does it shape our words, our actions and choices?  Armed with a Biblical Worldview, our children will be more equipped to walk with the Lord as adults. We don’t have to be perfect parents or super spiritual to impart a Biblical worldview; we only need be aware and purposeful and often humble. In this talk, Jeannie will explore these issues and give specific ideas for giving your children an eternal perspective and a strong Biblical Worldview, so that they will be ready to face the world.

Lord, Help Me! Developing a Powerful Prayer Life

The secret to homeschooling success is in being strengthened and led by the Lord. In this workshop, Jeannie Fulbright tells her story and her amazing journey of prayer, as well as sharing tips and advice on how to begin a consistent prayer life. She includes practical advice on how to seek God before purchasing curriculum, how to lean on God for every subject we teach, and how to find strength in Him when school seems overwhelming. Jeannie also shares ideas on how to begin a prayer journal, find and be consistent with a prayer partner, wage warfare in prayer, and teach our children to offer their struggles to the Father in prayer.

How to Build Your House

“A wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands.” During this talk, Jeannie shares the story of how God changed her from a destructive, foolish woman and showed her the secrets to becoming a godly wife. Using house construction as an example, Jeannie sheds light on the importance of submission, respect, forgiveness, and many other concepts that will result in a home built on solid ground. This workshop will motivate women to protect and enrich their marriage.

Homeschooling: Methods that Win and Methods that Wipe Out

This workshop uncovers the reasons why we get discouraged as we travel the road of homeschooling. We tie up heavy burdens, place them on our backs, and struggle through each day using overly difficult principles and practices that drag us down. By mid-year, we are so exhausted and depleted that we wonder how we’ll ever get through. Consequently, the joy of following God’s will in homeschooling is missing. This should not be! Jeannie Fulbright explains how many homeschool moms employ philosophies, techniques, and methodologies that consume a great deal of time and energy with little result. She enables you to identify wasteful methods and empowers you with winning methods, including both the latest research in educational methodology as well as time-tested practices that the founders of our country used to achieve an excellent education. She gives practical tips and ideas that will breathe life into your school day and includes ideas for organizing your school day, scheduling, and fitting difficult subjects into the week. 



Sherri Seligson


Sherri SeligsonSherri Seligson and her husband, David, have homeschooled their four children for 21 years, recently graduating their youngest child. A degreed marine biologist, Sherri worked at Walt Disney World’s Living Seas, publishing shark behavior research. She has authored Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Marine Biology and Internship for High School Credit, instructional DVD courses for Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Biology and the Human Body, as well as companion curricula for feature films including Dolphin Tale I and II and War Horse. Sherri has written for several science publications and homeschool magazines and is a national conference and retreat speaker where she encourages moms on their homeschool journey and teaches families and students the importance of studying God’s creation. You can connect with Sherri at www.just-extraordinary.com.


Sherri’s Speaking Topics


• Marine Biology and What the Oceans Have to Say About Evolution
• All Creatures Great and Small—and Microscopic—Give Glory to God
• A Scientist’s Showcase of Creatures That Defy Evolutionary Theory
• From Microscope to Telescope: Observing God’s Perfect Design and Our Special Position in Creation
• Am I Ruining My Children? What I Wish I Knew As a Homeschool Mom
• You’re Not Just a Mom: Seeing the Exceptional in the Everyday
• When You Have a Child Who Is Not Driven
• The Power of Words for Our Children: Edifying and Terrifying
• Avoiding the Comparison Trap: Moms Need Each Other
• Celebrate the Journey in Your Marriage
• Standing Strong When I Am Weak
• The Cleansing Power of Living Water
• Do Not Be Deceived: Identifying the Enemy Around Us
• Homeschooling and Homemaking: From Mis-organization to Miss Organization!
• You Can Do It! Navigating the High School Years
• Why Teaching Science Is a Critical Part of Education (Even for Poets)
• The Apprentice: Getting High School Credit for Internships
• Ten Principles of Planning
• What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up? Giving Your Children a Vision for the Future
• How to Build a Unit Study on Virtually Any Topic
• Taking the Fear Factor Out of Science Co-ops: There WILL Be Worms



Marine Biology and What the Oceans Have to Say About Evolution

Nearly everyone enjoys learning about creatures that live in the ocean. After all, it is a truly alien environment to us, full of unique and interesting organisms. Amazingly, the more we learn about the ocean and the organisms living in it, the more we begin to see that there are intricacies that simply do not fit with the theory of evolution. As we “dive” into this discussion, we will look at “living fossils” that should be extinct yet are found unchanged in shape and form all over the world. We’ll look at the ocean’s salinity and learn what the data says about the earth’s true age. And don’t forget sharks and fun-loving dolphins. No snorkels necessary!

Topic: Science, Apologetics, Marine Biology, Creation
Length: 50 minutes
Audience: General Audiences, Parents, Teens

All Creatures Great and Small—and Microscopic—Give Glory to God

What do our students do when faced with a world telling us it is a certainty that all organisms evolved from primordial ooze? By looking at what scientists are discovering today, we are beginning to see clear scientific evidence for a Creator. Recent research on bacteria and the structure of cells is showing the scientific community how complex these organisms truly are—that the organisms in this world range from complex to ridiculously complex. This talk will highlight some of the discoveries scientists are making, such as how bacteria communicate and the amazing structure of the DNA molecule.

Topic: Science, Apologetics, Creation
Length: 50 minutes
Audience: General Audiences, Parents, Teens

New! A Scientist’s Showcase of Creatures That Defy Evolutionary Theory

The more we learn about the creatures of Earth, the more we begin to see the intricacies that do not fit with the theory of evolution, and we are beginning to see clear scientific evidence that points to a Creator. This fast-moving, high-energy workshop will cover several organisms whose features defy evolution. From dolphins and sharks to glow-in-the-dark bacteria, we’ll see how science is learning that all creation is far from simple.

Topic: Science, Apologetics, Creation
Length: 50 minutes
Audience: General Audiences, Parents, Teens

From Microscope to Telescope: Observing God’s Perfect Design and Our Special Position in Creation

When the telescope was invented, it pierced the vastness between us and distant worlds, opening up so many realms of creation that our world seemed to shrink into one remote corner. Yet our position in our galaxy of stars is such that we are able to observe this glorious creation, and our position in the solar system provides us with ideal living conditions. The microscope, invented at about the same time in history, laid open wonders no less amazing: entire worlds teeming with life on the tiniest grain of sand. This workshop will highlight the physical principles of atoms, the earth, and the universe, and how the same God who supports the universe in the hollow of His hand holds every atom together.

Topic: Science, Apologetics, Creation
Length: 45 minutes
Audience: General Audiences, Parents, Teens

Homeschool Encouragement

Am I Ruining My Children? What I Wish I Knew As a Homeschool Mom

Let’s face it: At one time or another we all wonder if, by homeschooling our children, they are missing out on something. We’re pretty sure the seventh-grader down the street is up for a Nobel Prize and everyone else is receiving a full-ride scholarship to Princeton when we haven’t even begun to cover thirteenth-century humanities in China! Relax. This workshop will talk you down from the ledge—or at least encourage you that homeschooling is the BEST thing for your children. Join Sherri for a humorous, informative, and revealing discussion as she shares how she went from stressing over teaching everything about everything to trusting in the path, resources, and experiences God had laid out for her children.

Topic: Homeschooling, Motherhood, Encouragement
Length: 50 minutes
Audience: Women

You’re Not Just a Mom: Seeing the Exceptional in the Everyday

What is excellent and praiseworthy? We often think we have to be Super Mom to be worthy of praise. But if we look at what God says, we see that often what WE think is worthy is really just appearances. What is TRULY extraordinary are the ordinary moments in life—purposefully doing the next thing, changing the next diaper, reviewing the next spelling lesson. Thinking on and doing these things and building on the supposedly unremarkable in the days ahead will eventually produce the highly remarkable. Your children will not remember how many Facebook friends you had, but they will remember your daily love and care for them and your faithfulness to God.

Topic: Homeschooling, Motherhood, Encouragement
Length: 50 minutes
Audience: Women

New! When You Have a Child Who Is Not Driven

Most of us have at least one of these children. They take extra time to complete every lesson, if they complete them at all. And it’s easy to fall into the trap of sitting by them to “help” them finish, only to become an educational security blanket. It’s time to encourage these children to take up their own responsibilities. After all, the desire to be driven or to do hard work isn’t be for the goal of becoming a millionaire; it is to work diligently for the Lord, using the gifts He has generously given us for His good! Come be encouraged that our occupation, whether it is student, mother, mail carrier, or king is one that is appointed to us. We’ll go over helpful suggestions to encourage those less-than-enthusiastic children and gain a better perspective of what is really going on with them.

Topic: Parenting, Encouragement
Length: 50 minutes
Audience: Parents

New! The Power of Words for Our Children: Edifying and Terrifying

Our world is filled with words. Whether we are reading them, writing them, or instructing with them, they are the tools we use to build stories, spur emotions, and make connections. Yet we need to be aware that words have the power to build or to destroy, especially when we speak them to our children. God has much to say about our words. They need to be crafted carefully and gently but firmly shared. This is how we can engage others and train up our children. Let’s contemplate together not only the power of our words, but how we can boldly use them.

Topic: Parenting, Encouragement, Motherhood
Length: 45 minutes
Audience: Parents, Teens

New! Avoiding the Comparison Trap: Moms Need Each Other

The Internet has opened up so many avenues for homeschool moms, giving us access to curriculum, educational helps, and lots of virtual support. Yet whenever we visit a fellow homeschooler online, we often see her at her best: photos of kids working diligently on the couch, elaborate dioramas of epic battles, etc. And we often hear the same thing when we engage with local moms, too. All of this “perfection” can make us feel like we don’t measure up. Comparison hinders us from engaging, so it is crucial for us to move past those paralyzing feelings and begin to support and encourage each other, especially in person. Because the enemy works to divide us as sisters in Christ, we must come alongside one another for mutual support.

Topic: Motherhood, Encouragement
Length: 45 minutes
Audience: Moms/All Women

Celebrate the Journey in Your Marriage

The fairy tale version of marriage says that your prince will carry you off into the sunset to live happily ever after. But that’s not the end of the story. The marriage journey is a lifetime of challenges and blessings. We’ll travel through the chapters of marriage as if it were a storybook, discovering that “happily ever after” takes effort and requires us to rely on the Lord.

Topic: Marriage, Encouragement
Length: 50 minutes
Audience: Women

Standing Strong When I Am Weak

When God is calling us to do difficult work, we can be sure that He will use it to bless and encourage us as well as teach us a few things. Arguably, homeschooling is one of the most difficult tasks one can undertake, but the blessings are boundless! A wonderful “side effect” of teaching and training our children is that we learn how unable we as mothers are. By learning that we are weak in ourselves, we have the opportunity to see how God is our strength, giving us special provision to complete the tasks He gives us. In this talk, we will walk through the books of 1 and 2 Corinthians to discover how when we are weak, God gives us unexpected blessings and ultimately receives the glory.

Topic: Spirituality, Homeschooling, Encouragement
Length: 50 minutes
Audience: Moms

The Cleansing Power of Living Water

As soon as we become a parent, we quickly come up against situations that make us feel less than able or out of control. Every mom can look back at days that made her feel less than successful. Sometimes we make a habit of reliving those days that we wish we could take back. All of us have been there. But nothing takes God by surprise! He knows our need and has already died for our mistakes. In fact, He conquered the grave, fully knowing what our mistakes would be. Jesus is our Living Water. He has already cleansed us from our sins. The constant reminders that we have “blown it” shouldn’t make us feel like failures; rather, they should make us all the more grateful for His love and provision. Come and be encouraged as Sherri shares how we can walk through our days, truly receiving the cleansing refreshment of His living water!

Topic: Motherhood, Spirituality
Length: 45 minutes
Audience: Women

Do Not Be Deceived: Identifying the Enemy Around Us

We are charged in Ephesians to be strong in the Lord, putting on the “full armor of God.” But why? Why is this such an important instruction? Well, as we go about our days filled with the busy-ness of serving our household, we forget there is an enemy who exists to seek and destroy. This enemy knows us well. As women, wives, and homeschool moms, he knows where our weaknesses lie and how to trigger them. Ephesians 6:11 says that we must be prepared to “take a stand against the devil’s schemes.” The enemy is devious, using “good” things to distract us from the best. Let’s suit up and be ready to identify his half-truths so we can keep joy in our days!

Topic: Spirituality, Encouragement
Length: 45-50 minutes
Audience: Women

Homeschool Nuts and Bolts

Homeschooling and Homemaking: From Mis-organization to Miss Organization!

“How do I get it all done?” This is a common frustration for homeschool mothers. Though juggling the educational needs of multiple children while maintaining a household can certainly be a daunting task, there are several strategies which will help moms to navigate their school year and still keep an organized home. Even though we will not see perfection this side of heaven, it is still possible to teach algebra, have dinner on the table by 6:00, and be able to find your sunglasses all in one day!

Topic: Homeschooling, Household organization, Planning
Length: 50-55 minutes
Audience: Moms

You Can Do It! Navigating the High School Years

If you have children approaching high school age (or are already there), no doubt you have had moments of confusion or even fear regarding courses, documentation, career preparation, and college. After all, we are fine with the idea of unit studies, field trips and student-led education when they are in elementary school and middle school, but we tell ourselves that high school COUNTS, and we feel the need to conform to what other students are doing. There’s no need to fear! This workshop will address the biggest questions regarding high school, including how to choose courses that will best meet your student’s needs, electives and internships, how to help assess strengths and giftedness, how standardized tests fit into the equation, and the easy process of building a transcript. You will leave this workshop with some practical direction and ideas to implement into your homeschool immediately.

Topic: Junior High and High School, Planning
Length: 50 minutes or 75 minutes
Audience: Parents, Teens

New! Why Teaching Science Is a Critical Part of Education (Even for Poets)

It is a parent’s nightmare. As the teen years approach, the impending need to teach science often creates fear for students and parents alike. This workshop will not only take the fear out of teaching science but will create excitement and enthusiasm for everyone. If you enjoy learning about cool creatures in the oceans, how sound works, and the fascinating world of fireworks, then you can definitely get excited to learn along with your students. Get ready to meet your inner science geek and help prepare your teens for the future.

Topic: Teaching Science
Length: 50 minutes
Audience: Parents, Teens

The Apprentice: Getting High School Credit for Internships

An internship is one of the best ways for a student to explore career possibilities. And with the flexibility that homeschooling offers, most high school students have the time to intern in a field of their interest. Why not document their experience and award them with high school credit? This workshop will show you how to select the right internship arrangement, prepare a list of educational and experiential goals, and record this beneficial learning opportunity. High school credit, work experience, and possibly even pay—it’s a win-win situation!

Topic: Careers, High School, Internship
Length: 50 minutes
Audience: Parents

Ten Principles of Planning

Homeschooling certainly can fill our days. Do we really have to take extra time to plan too? After all, we rarely actually follow our plans anyway. So should we just do the bare minimum that is required for our records, or is there a genuine benefit to planning? It turns out that our God is a God of planning. He has had plans for us since the beginning of time! And as we implement His principles of planning, we will begin to see that there are great blessings in planning our homeschool endeavors. We will see that our hearts will be drawn to our children, and their hearts will be drawn to us and to the Lord.

Topic: Planning
Length: 45 minutes
Audience: Parents

New! What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up? Giving Your Children a Vision for the Future

Homeschooling parents hold the unique position of being both parent and educator. This presents us with the opportunity to observe our children’s strengths and abilities which can give clues to their potential careers. Though students do not have to choose a career path before they turn sixteen, research has shown that parents have a phenomenal influence when they help their children identify what their God-given gifts are and where their interests lie. Learn how you can guide them and inspire them to do great things!

Topic: Careers, Junior High, High School
Length: 50 minutes
Audience: Parents, Teens

New! How to Build a Unit Study on Virtually Any Topic

In this interactive and engaging workshop, we’ll discuss the basics of how to build your own unit studies on virtually any topic. After all, that is one of the best things about homeschooling, building on your children’s interests from an educational format. This is a hands-on workshop where we will first talk about the structure of unit studies and then actually create a few you can take home! So bring your thinking cap and a few sheets of paper and get ready to check “curriculum planning” off of your to-do list!

Topic: Curriculum
Length: 50 minutes
Audience: Parents


Taking the Fear Factor Out of Science Co-ops: There WILL Be Worms

This discussion includes practical helps for organizing and leading a science co-op. We will look at how often classes should meet, what should be done in classes (labs? discussions? tests?), how to impart enthusiasm to students and involve them in discussions, and how to include the parents during the rest of the week so you both can ensure their children succeed. Additionally, co-op coordinators will be encouraged to delve into this opportunity even if they don’t feel qualified. Though this information is geared to science-related courses, much of the information will be helpful for organizing and teaching any co-op subject!

Topic: Co-ops, Science
Length: 50 minutes
Audience: Parents



Larry Blythe


Larry BlytheLarry Blythe, B.A. (Pastoral Theology), M.A.A. (Apologetics), Apologia Online Academy Director and Teacher - Larry was raised in a Christian home in California. He became a Christian around the age of 9, and later committed to full time ministry. He studied Pastoral Theology at Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College in Southern California where he received his B.A. in 1982. He pastored for about 15 years as an Associate Pastor/Student Ministries (Youth Pastor). During that time, he spoke at numerous youth rallies, camps and other junior high and high school events including teaching seminars for youth pastors with Word of Life Clubs and other student ministry organizations. After years of witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, and other people deceived by false religions and other aberrant groups, Larry developed a counter-cult ministry reaching many Jehovah's Witnesses for Christ. This led him to seeking out further education in the area of apologetics – defending the historical Judeo-Christian faith.

Larry earned his M.A.A. (Master of Arts in Apologetics) from Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC in 2002. In 2003 he accepted a call from the president of the Seminary to assist in starting Southern Evangelical Church, also located in Charlotte, Larry served 3 ½ years as the Assistant Pastor/Christian Education. He developed numerous ministries of the church including "Educational Hour," "Institute for Biblical Studies" (lay Bible & Apologetics), and many other core programs of the church.

Larry has been a regular guest speaker at the National Christian Apologetics Conference, and the Spiritual Counterfeits Conference. He was an instructor of World Religions and New Religious Movements, and Church History at Southern Evangelical Bible College. He was the Founder/Director of the Lay Institute for Biblical Studies and taught on various topics including cults, apologetics, theology, OT/NT, and social disciplines. He is one of the editors of the Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics.

He teaches seminars on a variety of topics at various venues. In addition to teaching subjects related to World Religions, Cults, and general apologetics (defending the historical Christian faith), Larry's seminar topics include I Don't Have Enough Faith to be An Atheist, Are the New Testament Accounts True, Do All Religions Lead to God, How To Answer a Skeptic, 10 Things Teens Can Do To Change The World, How to Refute Non-Christian Claims, and many more. For approximately 2 ½ years Larry was a regular guest on the weekly radio program The Voice of Truth. He has also been a guest on the local public access television show Giving An Answer speaking on various topics including Scientology, The DaVinci Code, and Jehovah's Witnesses. He has been a guest on radio programs both live and pre-recorded. Larry also taught classes in apologetics and World Religions at a local prison ministry.

When he is not directing Apologia Academy, lecturing and speaking at conferences and other events, Larry enjoys racquetball (sponsored by Wilson Sporting Goods), visiting Disney World, performing Christian Illusions & Juggling, chatting with his grown children, and grandchild Elijah Jacob, and dating his wife Jane. Larry and Jane, live in Charlotte, NC.


Larry’s Speaking Topics

• True for You – Not for Me!
• Are Christians Bigoted, Biased, and Judgmental?
• Proof God Exists: Cosmology
• Proof God Exists: Teleology (ID –Intelligent Design)
• Proof God Exists: Morality
• Are Miracles Possible?
• Is the New Testament Historically Accurate?
• Is the New Testament True?

True for You – Not for Me!

Is truth absolute or relative to every individual? No worldview (including atheism) is true if truth is relative. Truth is absolute and knowable.


Are Christians Bigoted, Biased, and Judgmental?

“There is no truth but science,” “Christians are intolerant,” all religions are right/wrong,” “believe anything you want, just be sincere,” “don’t impose your morality on me.” How can you answer these objections? These and many others are answered effectively.


Proof God Exists: Cosmology

If the universe had a beginning, then someone had to ‘begin it.’ Even scientists agree it had a time when it came to be…Atheists used to comfort themselves with the belief that the universe always existed. You will learn five lines of scientific evidence that now says otherwise.


Proof God Exists: Teleology (ID –Intelligent Design)

The precision found in the universe provides persuasive evidence for the existence of God. Scientists constantly discover a universe of incredible design and complexity. No specific, complex design can exist without a designer.


Proof God Exists: Morality

There is an absolute standard of right and wrong that is written on the hearts of every human being. People may deny it; they may suppress it; their actions may contradict it; but their reactions reveal that they know it. This Moral Law must have a source higher than us – you can’t have a law without a Law-Giver. Atheists have no real basis for objective right and wrong.


Are Miracles Possible?

The question is not “did they happen” but are miracles logically possible? Skeptics say “no.” This is refuted in this seminar. God indeed communicated using miracles to confirm His message.


Is the New Testament Historically Accurate?

Is the NT simply a book of myths? Learn six powerful reasons we know the New Testament is historically accurate.


Is the New Testament True?

The NT is historically accurate. But, did the events recorded in it really happen? Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Learn ten facts proving the truth of the NT.




Doug Powell

Doug PowellDoug Powell holds a Masters of Arts in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. He is the author of the best-selling Holman QuickSource Guide to Christian Apologetics, a contributor to The Apologetics Study Bible, The Apologetics Study Bible for Students, and has contributed to Modern Reformation magazine. In addition to writing, Doug is a recording artist with nine records to his credit, a speaker on apologetics topics, author of the iPad app Resurrection iWitness, and is the Art Director for Apologia. He has appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, CNN, NPR, World Cafe, Prime Time America, The White Horse Inn, Sound Rezn, and Reasons4Faith.


Doug's Speaking Topics


General Revelation as a Model for an Aesthetc Approach to Apologetics

If God has revealed himself in what he has made, then the very form of his creation has content. How can we apply this to apologetics? The new iWitness series of interactive books and apps tries to answer this. The rationale and symbolism behind Resurrection iWitnessJesus iWitnessNew Testament iWitness, and iWitness Biblical Archaeology are explained. 


Resurrection iWitness

Using only the facts that skeptical scholars accept, this talk presents the historical evidence for the bodily resurrection of Jesus. It also looks at alternate theories for what happened to Jesus and why none of them can explain the facts almost every scholar agrees on. Only the Resurrection can account for the all the facts.


How Objective Beauty Reveals God's Beauty

The argument for God from beauty was for nearly two thousand years one of the most powerful arguments Christians used to defend the faith. However, we largely abandoned this approach over the last century or so, just when it was needed to speak into our modern entertainment-oriented culture. Learn how this argument works and why it is so important that Christians reclaim the arts for God’s glory.


The Evangelism of Excellence

Christians have historically been at the forefront of the arts. But during the last 150 years we have abandoned the arts. Instead of engaging culture through the arts, we withdrew from them. Learn how many of the greatest artists in history have used art to engage the culture, even hundreds of years after their deaths. This presentation reveals how excellence in the arts allows our ideas to gain entry into areas of the culture that would otherwise be hostile to them, and how Christians can become leaders in the arts once again.


iWitness Biblical Archaeology 

Every year, it seems, a new archaeological find supports the biblical record and shows the Bible to be a trustworthy historical book. This highly visual, interactive presentation uses the iWitness Biblical Archaeology app to review the most important archaeological finds in history.


New Testament iWitness

Where did the books of the New Testament come from? Who wrote them and how do we know? How do we know that no books were left out? And how do we know the text we have now is the same text that was written thousands of years ago? Using the visually rich and interactive New Testament iWitness app, this presentation traces the history of the biblical canon and shows how God’s Word has been preserved through the ages.


What Makes Christian Art “Christian”? 

Believers today often seek out art that is Christian in style and content. But the way we determine whether something is Christian or not often has nothing to do with the biblical worldview or principals found in Scripture. Musician and designer Doug Powell explores the difference between what is superficially Christian and what is substantively Christian when it comes to the arts.



Melissa Cain Travis


Melissa Cain TravisMelissa Cain Travis serves as Assistant Professor of Christian Apologetics at Houston Baptist University, where she has been on the faculty since 2013. Recently she was profiled alongside her colleagues in The Unexpected Defenders,” Christianity Today magazine’s April 2015 cover story. Melissa was also interviewed for the April 2015 Her.meneutics piece entitled The Apologist Mom.” She has been interviewed live on American Family Radio, as well as various apologetics radio programs. Melissa is the author of How Do We Know God is Really There?(Apologia Press, 2013), How Do We Know God Created Life? (Apologia Press, 2014), and How Do We Know Jesus is Alive? (Apologia Press, 2015). Known as the Young Defenders series, these illustrated storybooks teach the fundamentals of Christian apologetics to young children.

Melissa earned the Master of Arts in Science and Religion from Biola University, graduating with Highest Honors. She is certified in Christian apologetics by Biola and holds a Bachelor of Science in General Biology from Campbell University. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D in humanities, focusing on the philosophy and theology related to scientific and mathematical thought in the history of Western civilization. Melissa worked as a bench scientist in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceutical research for five years after obtaining her undergraduate degree. She has spent more than a decade researching the science, theology, and philosophy related to the origins debate.

Due to her teaching and study schedules, Melissa currently accepts only a limited number of speaking invitations each year. For inquiries, please use the contact form on this site.



Melissa's Speaking Topics


Reliability of the Gospels and Acts

Is the primary source material for the life of Jesus of Nazareth trustworthy? How do we know the documents have been faithfully transmitted over the past two millennia? Moreover, can we be confident that they communicate historical facts?


Defending the Resurrection: Five Minimal Facts (Related to Young Defenders Book 3)

Without the truth of the Resurrection, the Christian faith is in vain. There are compelling reasons to believe that the Resurrection is historical, and the case can be made using only facts that are accepted by the majority of New Testament scholars, including those who are skeptical of Christianity.


Intelligent Design 101 (Related to Young Defenders Book 2)

Is the Neo-Darwinian account of nature sufficient to explain the complexity of living things, or does the evidence point more strongly to a Designer of life? The genetic code exhibits characteristics that defy naturalistic explanations for the origin of life. (Earth-age neutral)


Cosmology and the Existence of God (Related to Young Defenders Book 1)

A philosophical and scientific case can be made for the necessity of a First Cause of all things—a cause that must have theistic attributes. Does theism provide a superior explanation for the observable cosmos, or was Carl Sagan correct when he said, “The cosmos is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be”?


It’s Not All Relative: The Case for Objective Morality (Related to the forthcoming Young Defenders Book 4)

How do Christians communicate the truth of the Gospel in an age when many deny the very existence of objective truths? How has moral relativism impacted human history, secular education, and attitudes towards religion? The Christian conception of moral values and duties is crucial for making sense of reality.


Exploring Creation Models

An objective, diplomatic introduction to the various Christian approaches to the science and Scripture related to origins. How have science and Christianity interacted throughout history? What can the Church learn from this? A condensed, single presentation or a detailed, multi-part series. (Earth-age neutral)


Adam and Eve: Fact or Fiction?

Human origins is a hot topic with the church and the secular scientific community. What are the different views of the related Scripture within Christendom? Is the traditional belief in a historical Adam and Eve still scientifically viable? What do the fossils, artifacts, and DNA really say? (This presentation is neutral on the age of the earth, but does include standard dating from paleoanthropology for informational purposes.)


Bioethics: The Case for Life

In a culture that has devalued the life of the unborn, how can Christians best argue for the sanctity of life? Are there good arguments for the pro-life position independent of Christian Scripture? What should the Church be doing in the crusade for the unborn?