Review of Apologia’s Physical Science, 3rd Edition – Dr. Chad Snyder

Below is a review from Dr. Chad Snyder, Professor of Chemistry at Liberty University, of Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd Edition.

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But first, read Dr. Snyder’s review of Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd Edition. We are excited about this new creation-based homeschool science resource for families!

Apologia’s Physical Science, 3rd Edition, is a textbook I highly endorse, not only as a homeschool parent but also as a university chemistry professor.


While serving as its technical editor, I was consistently impressed by the flow of its content, its relevance, accuracy, and Christian worldview. For instance, as a chemistry professor, I need to see accurate information presented in a teachable and approachable manner. The author did an excellent job making difficult content understandable while maintaining the integrity of the subject material. Also, science must include math, illustrations, and graphs to interpret data.


Once again, I was pleased to see the attention to detail in these areas, all appropriate for the grade levels intended for this textbook. The homeschool parent and student can embrace the work found herein as the author goes out of her way to help make the science and its data interpretation understandable.


I was also impressed by the figures, schemes, graphs, and pictures provided. These were current, relevant, and even rivaled the images found in many college chemistry textbooks. A thorough, crisp, and detailed image contains a lot of helpful information from which the reader can learn. This book offers plenty of those types of images. I was particularly impressed by those used in the chemistry and atmospheric modules.


Finally, I appreciate the inclusion of scientific research, something I was happily surprised to find in this book.


 Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd Edition, is a book to equip your child with a solid physical science background that includes a Christian worldview.


Chad Snyder, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry at Liberty University