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What We Believe Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What ages can use the What We Believe series?

A: Ages 6 to 14. The series is written at a fifth- to sixth-grade reading level. While older students can read and do the activities on their own, younger children will need an older sibling or parent to read along with them. With engaging stories, activities, thoughtful notebooking assignments, and Bible interaction, this multi-grade curriculum is fun and easy to use with the whole family.

Q: Should we do the books in a particular order?

A: Each volume in the What We Believe series will stand on its own and constitutes a complete course of study. However, you will find these courses to be most effective if you teach them in the intended order. Each book builds upon the previous one with a minimum of repeated material. The authors believe we must first know who God is (the subject of volume 1) before we can understand who we are (volume 2). We must know who we are and how we are meant to become more like Jesus (volume 2) before we can truly serve others as He served (volume 3). And we must understand our role as servants and as adopted members of God's family (volume 3) in order for us to work together to use the gifts God has given each of us to bring Him glory (volume 4).

Q: How long will it take for us to work through each book?

A: Anywhere from a semester to a full school year. You can customize the amount of time you spend on each lesson based on your child's age, interest level, and attention span.

Q: Does the series require a lot of preparation time to teach?

A: Not at all! Each volume in the What We Believe series is written directly to the student in a conversational style designed to engage children and help them live out the lessons. Of course, we suggest you read the text for yourself in order to discuss it with your child. Also, a few activities in the book may require your participation, depending on your child's age. Otherwise, your preparation time should be minimal.

Q: Is there a lesson plan to tell us what to do each day?

A: Apologia has chosen not to include daily lessons in our elementary curriculum texts in order to allow children to work at their own pace. However, if you prefer more structure, a recommended lesson plan is provided inside each of the companion Notebooking Journals.

Q: Can I use the What We Believe series as my children's Bible curriculum?

A: Yes. Although the books do not include a book-by-book survey of the Bible, the content of the What We Believe series helps students explore the Scriptures in depth and apply God's Word to their lives.

Q: What Bible translation does the curriculum use?

A: The What We Believe series does not emphasize one Bible translation over another. Bible verses in each lesson are taken primarily from the 1984 New International Version, although a number of translations are used for the sake of clarity. For example, the authors have also made extensive use of the New Century Version (NCV) and the New Living Translation (NLT), as these versions use vocabulary more accessible to younger students. We recommend, however, that your student use your family's preferred translation for the purpose of memorizing Scripture.

Q: What is the denominational perspective of the curriculum?

A: The What We Believe series is intentionally nondenominational in content. The authors of the series are committed to leading students into biblical truth, not to conform to a particular religious tradition. The authors themselves come from two different denominational backgrounds, and they have purposely omitted from the course points of doctrinal difference that can divide and separate Christians in order to focus on the larger issues that define our faith. Whatever your family's denominational preference, you can easily expand on the lessons to cover what your church teaches about such doctrines as water baptism, spiritual gifts, or worship music.

Q: Can my high school student earn credit for this course?

A: We do not recommend that you award high school credit for this series. For high school students, we suggest you check out the I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Athiest apologetics curriculum in this catalog. Or consider enrolling your high school student in online Bible and worldview courses offered through Apologia Online Academy.

Q: Is there Help Line support available for the What We Believe series?

A: We believe you will find these books easy to use and an important addition to your home school, co-op, or family devotions. However, if during the course you have any questions, you can contact the authors at biblicalworldview@apologia.com. Also, free online Teacher Helps are available at the Apologia website. Passwords to access these materials can be found inside each textbook. these are downloadable files designed to enhance your teaching and, subsequently, your child's learning experience. These helps include lesson overviews, key themes and lesson objectives, suggested activities, child-directed discussion questions for each topic covered in the lesson, and a recommended reading list for deeper study of the themes, people, and places discussed in the text.