3, 2, 1—We Have Liftoff of Apologia’s Homeschool Science Kits!

Dear Apologia Families,
It’s been an exciting year here in the Apologia Science Department; we’ve been working really hard to bring the new and expanded Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd edition homeschool science curriculum to you. We hope that your children will have as much fun exploring the universe as we had writing about it and creating activities to launch their minds on a fascinating journey of discovery. Because Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd edition is the first title in the Young Explorer Series to be updated, I’d like to ask for a moment of your time so that I can show you how it all works together to bring your family an enriched homeschool science experience.

How Our Homeschool Science Curriculum Works

You start with the textbook. In 14 lessons, your students will tour our universe. They will learn about our sun, the planets in our solar system, the asteroid belt, dwarf planets, the Kuiper belt, stars, galaxies, and space travel. You will notice that we added more creation confirmation moments, real photos instead of illustrations, additional content, and the one thing that you requested most—more activity options.

You include the notebooking journal, which we’ve redesigned to be a place where your young scientists navigate, investigate, and respond to unique materials that support their textbook studies. We encourage your children to document their expanding knowledge by writing in their own words what they remember. We also provide space for your students to journal personal reflections about God’s amazing creation.

The notebooking journals provide space for students to document science activities, allow students to create fun mini-books that help them review and retain concepts learned in each lesson, have vocabulary review activities for each lesson, and much more. We even added a color-coded schedule to make your planning a breeze.

You use the official Apologia Science Kit. We heard you and your kids loud and clear, and as homeschooling parents we agree with you 100%. Kids like the hands-on component of science. Who can blame them? Having a personal “Aha” moment is a great feeling, and we want your students not only to read about and document their knowledge, but also to own it by personally interacting with creation.

Our science department leapt at the chance to enhance your child’s homeschool science learning experience. Within the 14 lessons of the textbook you will find over 40 activities that you can do with common household items. Additionally, the textbook has a symbol that denotes more than 20 extra activities that are not required, but add more hands-on options for students who like to explore directly. Both the textbook activities and the extra activities can ONLY be found in the Apologia Science Kit.

Within this new Apologia Science Kit you will find a spiral-bound Science Kit Guide.
• All activities, both regular and extra, are written out in the guide.
• Extra data and discussion points for each activity are included.
• Students get to rate each activity as they complete it.
• Materials needed to complete most activities are included in the kit. Food products are an example of items not included.
• Activities are separated by activity number and activity title and clearly labeled so you can grab and go exploring!
• A certificate of completion is included in the kit.

As always, we wish you joy in your journey. You and your children are in our prayers as you explore creation. Happy star hopping!

Rachael Yunis
Director of Apologia Science