These award-winning homeschool science books are written directly to the student in an engaging voice and include all study questions, lab exercises, and module study guides. Exploring Creation with General Science is a science curriculum is designed for use in the seventh grade, while Exploring Creation with Physical Science is designed for eighth-grade students.

Student Notebook

A key piece in the junior high homeschool science courses are the Student Notebooks. Designed to help the student learn to take notes and document labs while developing independent study skills, the notebook contains a daily schedule, graphic organizers, Scripture reinforcement, and space to answer study questions found in the textbook. Lab report forms are included for every experiment in the text. The daily schedule makes your homeschool planning much easier. The Student Notebooks prepare your student for the more rigorous high school courses by guiding the student to become a more independent learner.

Solutions and Tests Manual

Each middle school homeschool science course contains a Solutions and Test manual. This softcover manual contains all tests, test solutions, and answers to the module study guides for the parent-teacher. A booklet containing an extra set of tests is shrink-wrapped with the manual.

Video Instruction DVD

Enrich your child’s homeschool This DVD provides the student with helpful explanations and analogies with multiple lectures from each module in the textbook. Featuring more than twenty hours of instruction, the DVD also contains video presentations of every experiment from the book. The middles school General Science and middle school Physical Science courses each have a Video Instruction DVD.

Audio Book

This is the full text of each middle school science course read aloud. Available on MP3 audio CD or download from iTunes, Amazon, and Audible. These are ideal for auditory learners in your homeschool or when your homeschool schedule takes your family on the road.

Full-Course CD-ROM

This CD-ROM version of the middle school course comes on two CDs and contains all material found in the printed textbook plus multimedia add-ons such as animations, videos, narrations, and audio pronunciation guides. Study guides and tests can be printed for students, and the answers are available to parents on the CD for manual grading. This CD-ROM contains the complete high school science course and can be used in place of the printed textbook, solutions manual, and companion CD.

Companion CD

This CD-ROM contains the multimedia animations, videos, and audio pronunciations from the full-course CD-ROM, but does not include the text from the book or the tests and solutions.

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