Our award-winning college-prep textbooks for homeschool high school students include all study questions, lab exercises, and module study guides. Biology is designed to be the student’s first high school science course, followed by Chemistry in the tenth grade and Physics in the eleventh grade. Advanced Biology, Marine Biology, Advanced Chemistry, and Advanced Physics are electives and are generally not required for high school graduation. Regardless of your student’s science interest, we have a variety of homeschool science curriculum options.

Student Notebook

The notebook contains a daily schedule, note-taking pages, instruction in the Cornell note-taking system, and space to answer study questions found in the textbook, so all your student’s science work is in one place. Lab report forms for each science experiment in the text help your high school student master the process of writing a complete lab report. While not required, we highly recommend the notebook to help high school students learn how to properly organize their scientific studies.

Solutions and Tests Manual

The Solutions and Test Manual is a must-have piece when using our homeschool, high school science curriculum. This softcover manual contains all tests, test solutions, and answers to the module study guides for the parent-teacher. A booklet containing an extra set of tests is shrink-wrapped with the manual. When you purchase the 2-book set of any of our homeschool science courses for middle school and high school, the Solutions and Test Manual is included with the text book.

Video Instruction DVD

Bring over 20 hours of homeschool science instruction to your student with a Video Instruction DVD. This DVD provides the student with helpful explanations and analogies with multiple lectures from each chapter in the textbook. The DVD also contains video presentations of every experiment from the book.

Audio Book

Homeschooling is a busy lifestyle and it is convenient to be able to complete a reading assignment while riding in the car by using the audio version of the text book. Your homeschool high school student can enjoy the full text of the high school science course read aloud. Available on MP3 audio CD or download from iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.

Full-Course CD-ROM

This CD-ROM version of the course comes on two CDs and contains all material found in the printed textbook plus multimedia add-ons such as animations, videos, narrations, and audio pronunciation guides. Study guides and tests can be printed for students to answer on paper, and the answers are available to parents on the CD for manual grading. This CD-ROM contains the complete science course and can be used in place of the printed textbook, solutions manual, and companion CD.

Companion CD

This CD-ROM contains the multimedia animations, videos, narrations, and audio pronunciations from the full-course CD-ROM, but does not include the text from the book or the tests and solutions. While not required to complete the course, the Companion CD allows your student to dig deeper into their homeschool biology, marine biology, and physics courses.

Do you still have questions about our homeschool science books for high school students? Read the Frequently Asked Questions for our middle school and high school homeschool science courses by clicking here.