Why did you switch your science textbooks to a softcover version?

Apologia is known for its strong commitment to publishing curriculum of the highest quality. This means we will continue to present excellent, Creation-based content in textbooks and notebooks marked by outstanding design and durability. Our decision to switch to softcover textbooks for our award-winning high school and junior high Science courses was based on a number of factors. Usability was a major consideration, given the size and scope of our textbooks. Based on feedback from students, educators, and retail partners, we believe the new softcover format will better serve the needs of today’s student. To ensure our books continue to meet the high expectations of Apologia parents and educators, we have chosen to employ Notch binding with Smyth sewing, the highest-quality softcover binding available from the printer. We are confident in the long-term durability of this product. Finally, one of the most important factors in our decision was a strong desire to keep Apologia products affordable for our customers. Rather than raise prices, we have elected to pivot to the softcover format to continue providing these great educational materials at reasonable prices. For books with smaller page counts, such as our popular Young Explorer Series, we will continue to produce hardcover textbooks.  

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