The dates at which dinosaurs lived

Please understand that carbon-dating has NOTHING to do with dinosaurs.
The limit to carbon dating is 50,000 years, since carbon-14 decays with a
rapid half-life of 5,000 years. Thus, there is no way to get numbers like
65 million years (which is what evolutionists tell you about dinosaurs)
from carbon-dating.

These numbers related to dinosaurs come from a mixture of potassium-argon
dating and assumptions about the geological column. Potassium-argon
dating can only be used to date lava flows. Thus, geologists find two
lava flows, date them with potassium-argon, and then assume that any
fossil- bearing rocks between them must have formed between the two
potassium- argon dates.

Potassium-argon dating, however is fraught with error. Here is a good
summary of the problems:

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A good (but detailed) book on the subject is:

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