How can I reset my Book Extras password?

If you type in the wrong password for your Book Extras account 3 times, it is programmed to lock your account. You can unlock it and reset your password by clicking the "Forgot Password?" link just to the left of the Login button on the main Book Extras page. From that page, enter in your email address twice, for confirmation, then press Reset. This will email you a temporary password that will allow you into the site. 


**Please note, sometimes the password reset email will be delivered to your SPAM / junk mail folder, but should arrive in 5-30 minutes. If the email has still not made it to you in 30 minutes, you may call our office (1-888-524-4724) or contact technical support and we will be happy to get the password reset for you. Also, your Book Extras account and your account on our main website,, are NOT linked. Resetting one does not reset the other.

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