In American Literature, do we need to complete all of the chapters?

No. Keep in mind that American literature is an enormous subject encompassing a multitude and variety of great works that couldn't possibly be covered comprehensively in a single textbook. The publishers and author have limited the course to just ninety of these literary achievements while aiming to take students deeper in their understanding and appreciation of them. Whit Jones's philosophy as an educator is that it is better for students to thoroughly understand fewer literary works than to settle for only a superficial comprehension of a great many works. As the parent/teacher, you must determine how many of the readings to assign your students during this course. Your students have much to gain from this study, even if they do not read all ninety of the works covered in the textbook. You should take students' emotional maturity and reading skills into account when determining which of the works they will read, but we also encourage you to challenge your students to reach beyond what they think they are capable of.

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