Do you offer a ministry discount?

We offer 40% off of the books and media products we publish. * This discount applies to immediate and individual families. Here is what you will need to apply for the missionary/ministry discount:

1. Verification: Corroboration from your organization that can verify that you are currently serving in a full-time capacity. A contact person, ministry website featuring your bio, or a support letter with organizational seal would all qualify.

2. Send your information to Please allow 7-10 business days for your request to be processed. Once you have been approved you will need to call 1-888- 524-4724 to place your order. The discount is good for one year and you must re-apply annually.

3. ATTENTION: If you have previously been approved for a discount or are a returning Apologia customer, please include your Customer ID number in your discount request email.

*These discounts do not apply to shipping costs, online orders, previously placed orders or lab equipment such as microscopes or dissection kits. The discount may not be combined with any other offer, including any free shipping or $5 shipping promotions as they occur. Exclusions may apply.

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