Are there lesson plans to accompany the courses?

There is a suggested schedule in the front of each Student Notebook and Notebooking Journal. 

With the Jr High and High School courses, the basic layout of the course is to complete a module every 2 weeks.  At this pace, the student will complete 4 modules each quarter. This will allow for one week of review if using the quarterly tests, a week to catch up, or if moving ahead, the student might finish the course early for the year.

With the elementary courses, we suggest 2 days per week for science. At this pace, it will take 2 weeks to finish each lesson. This will give you approximately 28 weeks worth of curriculum, but will allow for flexibility in your schedule to investigate favorite topics in more depth and still be able to finish the course in the school year.  If you choose to do science 3-5 days per week, the student might be able to do 2 courses within the school year.

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