Why does Apologia publish new editions?

There are times in life when tried-and-true is the best course of action, but when it comes to selecting a creation-based science textbook for your child, up-to-date is always best. Each new edition of an Apologia Science textbook is written by experts and edited for technical accuracy by professionals who work in that specific scientific field every day. Behind every one of our updated courses is a team of specialists committed to inspire, educate, and enable your elementary-, middle school-, or high school-aged student to excel in their study of God’s creation.

When we revise an Apologia textbook, we do so to give parents and students the best possible learning experience and to incorporate new discoveries and advances in science knowledge and understanding. Achieving these goals means improving readability and clarity, updating graphics and illustrations to better engage the student, and updating content to reflect the latest in scientific thought and exploration. We recognize that no one person can be an expert in every field of study, so we do our best to assemble a team of science and publishing professionals with impeccable credentials to produce these outstanding products. Our authors, editors, directors, and designers are doctors, nurses, engineers, professors, theologians, and researchers with MDs, PhDs, or master’s degrees.

We are also homeschooling, Christian parents who believe that our universe unfolds in God and that the gift of knowledge allows us to praise our Creator through the contemplation and exploration of His creation. Science is an intellectual activity based on fact. It’s the systematic study of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. However, every science course is written from the perspective of the author’s worldview. Therefore, selecting a science curriculum for your child is a big responsibility. Apologia is trusted by homeschooling families across the United States and around the world. That’s why we are the number one publisher of creation-based science for homeschoolers.

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