In Physical Science, can you explain Example 10.2 in a different way?

The important thing to remember is that (mass) x (acceleration) 
is equal to the TOTAL force. 

What is going on in the example? The worker is pushing, and 
friction is resisting. Thus, there are two forces. They 
work opposite each other, so the TOTAL force is 

F total = F worker - Ffriction

When you multiply by mass times acceleration, you are 
determining Ftotal



36 Newtons = Fworker - Ffriction

We know that the worker exerts a force of 400 N. Thus,

36 Newtons = 400 N - Ffriction

What does Ffriction have to be to make this work? It has to 
be 364 N, and it has to be opposite the worker's force.

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