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Is there a way that I can get a digital copy of this so that I can use it on my son's laptop WITHOUT having to use the cd? Or is there a which I can install the program to a flash drive in order to use it on his laptop without having to use the cd?

The files on the CD can be copied directly to a USB flash drive or computer hard drive and accessed from the new source. There is no installation necessary as the main files are read from the CD/DVD using your computer's default web browser.
Depending upon the version of your CD, you should be able to open the course menu by opening the index.html file in the crs or mm folder or by opening the MacUserReadme.html file and clicking the link to Start the Course or View the Multimedia. (This works even if you are not using a Mac.)

For Video Instruction DVDs, you can open the index.html file.

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