In biology Module 2, does the student need to memorize the bacteria classification scheme?

Your student will not need to know that specific information for college, but college will require a lot of memorization.  Memorizing the bacteria classification scheme as shown in Table 2.1 gets them used to the idea of memorization.  The best way to tell what the student is expected to memorize is to look at the study guide.  In the study guide for Module 1, for example, it tells the student to classify the animals using the biological key.  That tells you that the student will use the key on the test.  In the study guide for Module 2, it asks the student to classify bacteria, but it does not tell him or her to use a key or any other reference.  That tells you there will be no such reference on the test.  The amount of material in Module 1 is simply too much to ask any student to memorize.  However, the amount of material in Module 2 is much less.

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