Is the 6th Edition Kaplan Coloring Book compatible with the 2nd Edition of Advanced Biology?

The new 6th edition coloring book is 100% compatible with our Advanced Biology 2nd edition curriculum. The page numbers are off by 1 from the 5th and 4th edition, which is what was used as a reference in the 2nd edition curriculum. 

In the 6th edition Kaplan Coloring Book, page 1 was added, which is a welcome and also explains this change. The other change that was made, is the instructions on how to color the diagrams are given on the left hand side of a 2 page spread, and the diagrams are on the right hand side. The diagrams are now enlarged making it easier to see and color individual parts.

Please instruct your student to add 1 page number to each coloring book exercise listed in the textbook. For example, on page 17 of the textbook, Coloring Book Exercise 1.3 says to go to page 21 of the coloring book. The assignment really starts on page 22 with the instructions and page 23 is what needs to be colored.

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