Does the author of Apologia Math take a spiral or mastery approach?

The Exploring Creation with Mathematics series utilizes a mastery approach with lots of review. The author, Kathryn Gomes, connects the topics using a built-in review with the skills practice sections. Hands-on projects introduce and reinforce concepts in a deeper way.

The author moves through the material following a specific progression and 4-step approach. Each lesson utilizes problems and projects and begins with a tangible presentation, then moves through a pictorial presentation of the concept, followed by an abstract presentation, and finishes with an application activity. The projects apply math to the student’s life to foster an appreciation for math and help them look forward to doing math every day. 

This math series is designed with thoughtful pacing. Your student will progress systematically from one skill to the next. The pacing is an essential part of eliminating frustration. Any student can be successful in math and go all the way to advanced math if we present math to him or her one chunk at a time to ensure your student doesn’t miss a crucial concept.

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