Are the Apologia science courses considered honors level?

These Apologia Courses could be considered honors courses if a student has demonstrated good knowledge of the prerequisite subject matter and desires to go deeper into a particular advanced subject matter.

     Advanced Biology
     Advanced Chemistry
     Advanced Physics
Our grade level courses could be considered honors if students perform and document ALL experiments and textbook work. Typically, an honors course adds new materials to the existing course.  We recommend using the corresponding student notebooks for honors courses because our notebooks add additional content to the textbook curriculum.  Otherwise, these general courses are considered rigorous college preparatory courses.
A quick internet search for discussion on honors courses should provide you with plenty of additional advice. According to the Glossary of Education Reform, "...there are no specific standards or universal definition for “honors courses.”"  Ultimately, labeling and documenting a course as Honors is up to the teacher/parent. 
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