General help on Significant Figures.

Many students have a difficult time understanding significant figures. It is a very important concept to master so keep trying if you find it to be challenging!  Here are some things to keep in mind as you go:

1. Practice. You will get plenty of practice throughout the book, but if you are having particular trouble and you're on module 1 or 2, you might need some extra practice.

2. Refer often to the Rules on page 23 of the textbook.

3. Refer often to the Rules for adding/subtracting vs multiplying/dividing on page 28 of the textbook.

4. Redo the On Your Own, Example, and Study Guide questions in Module 1.

5. Look in FAQs to find explanations to specific problems. This will give your more practice or insight into a praticular problem you're having.

6. Check out our BookExtras site at using the password in the textbook on page viii.  There are some links to addtional help.

7. Do a simple Google search for more practice problems, explanations, or help.

8. Purchase our Chemistry 3rd Edition Video Instruction DVD for complete instruction on all modules, including demonstrations of all of the experiments.

9. Purchase individual lectures of our recorded Academy classes, pertaining to the modules you are having trouble with. One lecture equals roughly half of a module.

10. If you still need more individualized help, consider finding a local tutor or exhange instruction with a friend. Perhaps you can provide help in a different subject matter in exchange for their help with chemistry.


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