The study of health can be controversial, depending on your worldview. How does Apologia handle “hot topic” items in Health and Nutrition?

We have worked hard to provide information in both medical and Christian terms so that
controversy may be minimal. We do not openly support any one main view because we recognize that each family has the right to decide what is right for its family members. For example, we cover the topic of vaccines. We discuss the science of what a vaccine is, how it works, and the desired outcome. We discuss immunization choices, the successes of vaccination, at-risk populations, and even the great divide over vaccination. Regardless of what we publish, we humbly recognize that there may be some criticism and perhaps a better way that we could have stated materials. When this occurs, we ask that you forgive us our error and recognize that we would never intentionally usurp parental rights in deciding what is best for their family. We also want to make sure that parents are aware that we respectfully cover other issues such as drug abuse, pornography, and the act of marriage. We live in a culture polluted by sexual dysfunction. It is our intent to tell the truth to teens about the beauty of married sex, the developing baby, and being parents. We want to warn them about the dalliance into immodesty, pornography, and casual sexual activity. This is why we have stated that mature students should take this course. Parents have every right, and we support their decision, to skip certain materials in the book. 

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