Why aren't answers provided for the General Science Student Notebook note-taking section?

While it might seem like there should be “answers” to questions and prompts found in the Student Notebook, we do not provide specific answers on purpose. Note-taking is a skill that must be learned. We designed this course so that the first 2 exams are open book - meaning that students can use their textbook and notebooks when answering questions. We encourage them to evaluate their note-taking efforts. Were their notes helpful in the exam? If yes, they are capturing the important information. If no, they need to learn to pull information out of the textbook. Don’t worry, we help them there too. Using colored text and prompts to steer them in the right direction, we essentially walk your student through the note-taking experience. We encourage parents to review their student’s notebook to make sure that their student is properly engaged, however student notes should never be graded. Offer encouragement if you see your student struggling. Ask them to review with you what they are learning. Mentor to them how you took notes at their age. You will see that with each notebook module we offer tips and hints. By the time your student finishes the course, you’ll see highlighting and colored fonts, personal thoughts expanded and explored, and a true knowledge on how to personalize, capture, and understand new knowledge.

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