Will canned or frozen lima beans work in Experiment 6.3 of the general science course? What other beans can be used?

Dried lima beans work the best. If you cannot get lima beans, try any other dry bean. We chose lima beans because the plants grow quickly.


Beans sold for food may be subjected to treatments such as heating that kill the seeds. Unless you need a large volume of seeds, in which case dried beans are acceptable, it's a good idea to use bean seeds that are sold for gardens.

Lima beans are the best choice but others can be used too. 

Kidney beans - If you are doing experiments with children, especially younger children, avoid using kidney beans. All dried beans pose something of a hazard, as they can be swallowed or pushed into ears and noses, but kidney beans are especially risky. Uncooked kidney beans are toxic. The sprouts of the growing beans are also harmful if eaten. Only use kidney beans in projects involving learners who are old enough to understand the risks.

Mung beans- Unlike some other beans, mung beans respond poorly to being soaked in water, so minimal water should be used when germinating them.

Fava beans.

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