Can you explain the different types of lab reports in the General Science 3rd edition?

There are 2 main types of lab report assignments in the General Science 3rd edition course.


1. Lab Report Forms: When you see this term, it refers to the fill-in-the-blank forms provided in the Student Notebook for every experiment. See the What to Do sections on pages 26 and 27 for experiments 1.1 and 1.2, for example. Those corresponding “lab report forms” are on pages 409-412 of the Student Notebook. For some assignments, it will just say “complete the lab report in the lab section of this notebook.”


2. Formal Lab Reports: These are more extensive lab reports written in the format shown on pages 413-414 of the Student Notebook, titled Formal Lab Report. Instructions are given in the textbook on how to write these reports. Sometimes the terms Full Lab Report, Complete Lab Report, or Full Lab Write-up, are used interchangeably with Formal Lab Report, but they all refer to the same thing. See pages 7-8, 76, 405 paragraph 3, and 407 paragraph 2 for examples.


     Students will be assigned one Formal Lab Report per module, so they will choose which experiment to complete it for. In module 1, the author has chosen for the student, since she is teaching them how to write this report. A complete sample is provided in the textbook on page 29 as a reference guide.


     In module 2, the author uses experiment 2.3 to complete the formal lab report. Some of the answers are filled in on the form on pages 421-422. This will help the student get started. There are no Lab Report Forms for this experiment, just the Formal Lab Report.


     By module 3, none of the answers will be given and the student will be able to choose the experiment to use for this Formal Lab Report. Students are encouraged to use the Lab Report Forms that they completed for the experiment, to help them complete each section of the Formal Lab Report.


 *** Whichever experiment the student chooses for the Formal Lab Report, the parent does not need to grade the Lab Report Forms for that experiment. The grades can be recorded on page 12 of the Student Notebook and there is room for only 1 score per experiment.


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