Can I use calculators with your courses? If so, what kind should I use?

YES!! You should definitely use a calculator with our courses.

Please see our Calculator Buying Guide attached below. There are several recommended, but the biggest feature to note is that it needs to be a SCIENTIFIC calculator. There are two important reasons for this. Scientific calculators allow you to enter numbers in scientific notation. When you are doing math with scientific notation, that makes things a lot easier. Also, scientific calculators understand order of operations. Thus, you can enter:

1 + 3x2

into such a calculator and get the proper answer, which is 7, because the calculator knows that it must multiply before it adds. A non-scientific calculator will give you and answer of 8 to this, because it will add 3 to 1 and THEN multiply by 2, which is not correct.


Calculator Buying Guide

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