Where are the answers to the questions asked in the middle school Student Notebooks and how can these notebooks be used best?

The middle school Student Notebooks for General Science and Physical Science are designed to teach the student how to take notes with the prompts provided.  Student notes are subjective, thus there is really no way for answers to be provided for that section of the notebook. However, your student’s comprehension can be checked in the following ways: 

  1. On Your Own questions are found within each module and self-check the student’s comprehension of the material learned thus far. These questions are meant to be completed during the reading: answers found in the textbook at the end of each module.
  2. Study Guide questions are designed to prepare the student for the test and are meant to be completed after the module is read and completed: answers located in the Solutions and Tests Manual.
  3. Module Summaries are optional study tools located in the back of the text book. They are designed for students who may need a little bit more time studying a particular module before taking a test and moving on in the textbook: answers found in the Solutions and Tests Manual.


These middle school Student Notebooks have been designed to help your student transition into independence.  The note-taking prompts are there to teach them, encourage them, and give them independence.  Ultimately, the notes are the student’s personal recollection of the textbook. 

When your student graduates into high school sciences, you will see that the notebooks no longer offer prompts.  Because of the middle school Student Notebooks, when this time comes, your student will have been instructed in the art of note taking and be ready to pull information out on his or her own.

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