How is General Science 3rd Edition different than General Science 2nd Edition?

The 3rd Edition of General Science is very different from the 2nd Edition; it is truly a general science course. While the 2nd Edition spent a great deal of time focusing on the human body, the 3rd Edition covers a broader variety of sciences that the 2nd Edition did not, such as astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, general chemistry, general physics, and environmental science. Additionally, the 3rd Edition is a shorter course, as it only has 14 modules. With the 3rd Edition, the Student Notebook is more integrated with the textbook, making it more instructional in regards to note-taking, writing lab reports, and test-taking. Because of these changes, the 3rd Edition is more of a foundational course as students transition through junior high into high school science courses. We have also added the Video Instruction Thumb Drive, which is a helpful resource to help students work through the course more independently.

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