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2019-10-01 17:37
Christa Thornberry
Some misleading questions in Biology 2nd edition - Module 1 Test: Question 1c: "Theory: A -tested- hypothesis." If the experiment contradicts the hypothesis, it has been "tested", but does not become a theory. Question 4: "Group A - Offspring subtly different from "Parents" Group C - Offspring markedly different from "Parents" One is mutating, the other just reproducing sexually." Difficulty 1: A mutation is -ANY- difference in the genetics from their origin, not just a "marked" one. Difficulty 2: I am "markedly" different from -either of- my parents, but identical to their -combined- genetics, apart from "subtle" mutations. What does the question mean? The only (somewhat) reasonable answer: Group A is reproducing asexually and experiencing "subtle" mutations, whilst Group C's children have (for example) Mommy's hair and Daddy's eyes, making them "markedly" different from either of their parents. The official answer: Group C is having only rather drastic mutations, while Group A's children are only "subtly" taller than their mothers. Wut?