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2018-10-18 03:29
Tonia Ganzhorn
In "Exploring Creation with Biology" p. 85, Carrageenan is mentioned as a thickening agent in food. Later, on p. 90 alginic acid is discussed, also as a thickening agent. Would Carrageenan fall under Phyla Phaeophyta? Please explain where it fits, as it is a little confusing for my daughter. (Module 3) Thanks!
2018-11-16 01:52
In module 7, extra practice problem 12 in the solutions manual, the chemical equation does not seem to be balanced correctly. The N2 is not equal on the reactants side and the products side. Is the solution wrong, or am I just not understanding the solution? If the chemical equation is wrong, then the whole answer changes.
2018-11-18 16:26
How can I see an example of every activity of the Astronomy second edition

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