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I can view the menu for my Full-Course or Multimedia Companion CD, but some or all of the videos will not play. In some cases I have sound but no video.

There are two kinds of video files on the Full-Course and Multimedia Companion CDs:  .avi and .mpg files. This issue is caused by your computer trying to play the videos with Movies & TV (Windows 10) or QuickTime (Mac).


Windows 10

Set default app for .avi and .mpg files to Windows Media Player:

-          In the search bar in the lower left-hand corner of your screen, type "default programs"

-          Click on the following suggestion which should appear above in the "Settings" or "System Settings" category:  "Choose a default app for each type of file"

-          After the file types load, scroll down to .avi

-          Click on the default to the right, which is probably "Movies & TV," and select "Windows Media Player"

-          Scroll down to .mpg

-          If "Movies & TV" is listed as the default app, select "Windows Media Player"

The links for the videos in the Full-Course CD menu should now play.



Some versions of QuickTime cannot play .avi files, so download VLC Player, which is a free download, and associate it with .avi files.


To download and install VLC Player:

-          Go to https://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-macosx.html (Please make sure you get the correct version for your operating system)

-          Once you download the player, install it by clicking and dragging the .dmg file into your Applications folder.


To associate .avi files with VLC Player:

-          Put the CD in the drive and double-click on the icon for the CD which appears on your desktop (if an icon doesn't appear, open Finder and navigate to the drive containing the CD)

-          Double-click on the crs folder to open it

-          Click once on an .avi file to select it, right-click on it, and select “Get Info”

-          Click the “Open With” submenu on the left, then click on the dropdown box to select VLC Player

-          Click Continue on the box that comes up, and you should be able to then click the “Change All” button so VLC Player is the default application to play all .avi files

-          Close the “Get Info” box


Safari will probably still try to open the .avi files in QuickTime, even though you changed the file association, so you will need to open the Full-Course CD menu in Chrome. You can do this by navigating to the drive that contains the CD, right-clicking on "Mac_user_readme.html," and selecting Open With Chrome.

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