Internship for High School Credit

 A well planned high school internship is probably the best investment of time you can make toward a great career. In this book Sherri Seligson has already laid out the plan superbly and shows you how your high school student can earn high school credit with their internship.




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Internships and homeschooling—two great life choices that go great together! Not only are internships an outstanding way for homeschool students to explore a potential career path before committing to years of expensive training in a chosen field, but with the right know-how, students can also earn high school credit for their time and effort. Savvy students all over America are undertaking internships to gain on-the-job experience, bolster their résumés and college applications, and discover their own aptitudes while learning skills that will make them stand out in the job market.

This unique step-by-step workbook covers:

• Getting the internship you want

• Documenting your internship for high school credit

• Identifying jobs that match your interests

• Writing a résumé and preparing for interviews

In this turbulent economy, when the conventional path to a career is no sure thing, internships can also be an effective way to get a foot in the door with a top employer!

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