Homeschooling High School


High school is an exciting time to homeschool your teen! During the high school years, your teen isn’t just fulfilling homeschool graduation requirements; high school is also a time to explore areas of interest further.

How do e prepare our students for the more advanced courses in high school? What should we focus on to help them succeed in high school and beyond? These and many other questions are a part of these four critical homeschooling years for parents and teens.

Apologia has prepared a Homeschooling High School: Finish Strong!  e-Book, which includes information and insight from veteran homeschooling parents.


This free homeschooling high school resource, inlcudes:


  • Practical information on how to navigate high school subjects such as Algebra, Literature, and Science
  • Thought-provoking list of questions to ask your teen BEFORE their senior year to get the most from their last year of high school and prepare them for life after graduation
  • A printable checklist of books every homeschool teen should read before completing high school
  • Strategies for writing a resume
  • Resources to help our family pay for college without going into debt
  • Tips to guide your family through the college application process
  • Advice for filling out the most challenging sections of a college application
  • An honest look at the areas where teens struggle in college  (Are you covering these areas before graduation?)
  • Additional information and inspiration from parents who have graduated three or more children from homeschooling

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