Marine Biology Prepared Slide Set

NOTE: This slide set for Marine Biology does not include a microscope or set of dissection tools. All lab equipment ships to U.S. locations only.



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This item is not returnable once opened!  This item not eligible for any free shipping or $5 shipping promotions as they occur.

This listing of laboratory equipment assumes that the student already has a microscope and set of dissection tools. As with our other equipment, you can order these items from us or Nature’s Workshop Plus! NOTE: If the student does not have the slide set from his first-year biology course, the parent needs to order one more slide: the sponge spicules slide. It IS in the Nature’s Workshop Plus! first-year course lab equipment set.


  • Prepared Slide: Dinoflagellates
  • Prepared Slide: Foraminiferans
  • Prepared Slide: Radiolarians
  • Image: Barnacle nauplius
  • Image: Crab zoea
  • Image: Crab megalops
  • Prepared Slide: Dogfish placoid scales
  • Prepared Slide: Cycloid scale
  • Prepared Slide: Ctenoid scale
  • Prepared Slide: Rotifers
  • Prepared Slide: Nematodes

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