Biology Complete Slide Set

If you already have access to a quality microscope—it must have 40x magnification and a "fine focus" which is separate from the "coarse focus"—and wish to perform the microscope experiments in Exploring Creation with Biology, this is the set you want. The microscope slide set includes all the other materials required to do the microscope experiments.

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The microscope slide set includes:

  • Glass Slides and covers (10)
  • Eyedroppers (4)
  • Methylene Blue
  • Iodine
  • Lens paper
  • Microscope Drawing Paper
  • Early Development Chick Embryo Booklet - (microslide discontinued by supplier)
  • Plastic slide box
  • Prepared slide: Ascaris - Animal Mitosis
  • Prepared slide: Onion Root Tip - Mitosis
  • Prepared slide: Amoeba Proteus
  • Prepared slide: Paramecium
  • Prepared slide: Euglena
  • Prepared slide: Planarian
  • Prepared slide: Spirogyra
  • Prepared slide: Hydra budding
  • Prepared slide: Diatoms
  • Prepared slide: Volvox
  • Prepared slide: Zea Mays stem cross-section
  • Prepared slide: Zea Mays root cross-section
  • Prepared slide: Ranunculus stem cross-section
  • Prepared slide: Ranunculus root cross-section
  • Prepared slide: Grantia spicules - w.m.
  • Prepared slide: Leaf cross section with vein

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