Advanced Biology Slide Set w/Blood Typing Kit

Includes slides for heart muscle, cerebrum, stomach, red bone marrow, and much more. Microscope sold separately. Also includes the blood typing kit (1 test).

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This listing of laboratory equipment assumes that the student already has a microscope and set of dissection tools. If you must make a choice of equipment to purchase, the most important item you can get is the Human Anatomy Coloring Book, 6th edition.

The slide set includes:

  • Human blood smear
  • Human mouth, epithelial cells
  • Human striated muscle
  • Human heart muscle
  • Human cerebrum
  • Human tonsil w/ lymph nodes
  • Human lung
  • Human skin
  • Human skin w/ t.s.hairs
  • Human stomach
  • Human red bone marrow
  • Human testis
  • Human salivary gland
  • Human spermatozoa
  • Human bone tissue
  • Human liver tissue
  • Blood typing kit

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