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Now your students can explore the power and beauty of America’s greatest literary works from a biblical worldview. Even students who have never before “gotten” classic literature will discover how enjoyable it can be, how it speaks to their lives today, and how it affirms and illuminates biblical truth. The course uses the Socratic method of asking probing questions about each work and leading students to a deeper understanding of what the author is saying and how he or she is saying it.  This book is beautifully illustrated in a stunning hardcover edition.

When you purchase the textbook for this course you will have access to an online answer key.


What others are saying about American Literature by Whit Jones:

“I used this text for my junior year of high school, and it was a ‘Thoreau’ and wonderfully rich composition of American Literature. Dr. Jones' questions and answers that go along with the text provide brilliant lucidity into the meaning behind the writings. This book is wonderful!”   —Isaac, college sophomore 

 “The selection of the literature was really great, but it was the questions that helped me understand what the author's intentions were for the meaning of the text. I felt like the questions gave me a deeper understanding of the importance of the work.”  —Sam, college freshman

 “I really enjoyed Dr Jones's American literature. It was very structured and the questions gave us a deeper understanding of what we read and led to great discussions. I have done many different literature programs, but this one is by far my favorite.” —Hannah, 10th grade homeschool student

 “Our son benefited from Whit Jones' passion for Literature.  The material was through and excellent preparation for college.”  —Blake & Karla, homeschooling parents

 "Through this course, Dr. Jones challenged our son to look at great American literature through eyes of faith. The material is excellently presented and helped him mature academically and spiritually."  —Jerry and Kathy, homeschooling parent 

 “Using Dr. Jones’ American Literature course with three of my daughters was one of the best homeschool experiences we’ve had in over twenty years of homeschooling. The prose in the textbook is beautiful and exactly what we want our children to emulate. Because of that and because of the clear writing instructions, I saw great improvement in my daughters’ writing during the course. The selection of literature and the thought-provoking questions for reflection led to deeper comprehension and memorable discussions, equipping my daughters for higher education and, more importantly, for a faithful Christian walk.”  —Luanne, homeschooling mom

Enjoy a Q and A session with American Literature author, Whit Jones.

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