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3rd Edition

Biology Audiobook on Apple Books or Audible

Exploring Creation with Biology 3rd Edition is a part of Apologia’s award-winning homeschool science curriculum for high school students. It is a college-prep biology course and provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. This download is available through Apple Books or Audible.

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Take your studies wherever you go with Exploring Creation with Biology, 3rd Edition, Audiobook available on Apple Books or Audible. This is part of Apologia’s award-winning homeschool science curriculum for high school students. This is the perfect accompaniment to the book for students who are auditory learners, slow readers, or have other learning disabilities that make reading difficult. With a strong emphasis on vocabulary and experiments, Exploring Creation with Biology, 3rd Edition, is a foundational course that covers everything students need to prepare successfully for a college-level biology course. We believe that students’ educations should prepare them for life, not just an academic year.

What’s Inside Exploring Creation with Biology, 3rd Edition?

In this course, your student will:

  • See the evidence of God’s creation as they learn scientific principles
  • Conduct experiments in a methodical way that prepares them not just for future classes, but for life
  • Take personal notes, conduct and record experiments, and be able to interpret results
  • Develop skills to think through and beyond the textbook materials, and be able to create their own experiments from concept to interpretation of results
  • Further develop skills in their own learning style and how they best process, record, study, and retain information learned
  • Be able to hold a logical discussion on God and science based on facts and beliefs

Topics covered include:

  • The Science of Life – The processes of science, including what scientists do, the scientific method, the tools of science and the limitations of science
  • The Chemistry of Life – The composition of matter, the properties of water, lipids, proteins, and enzymes
  • Ecology – Ecosystems, biomes, populations, and communities
  • Cell Structure and Function – Characteristics of all cells
  • Cellular Energy – Energy of all cells
  • DNA, Proteins, and the Cell Cycle – DNA replication, protein synthesis, and cell cycle & cellular reproduction
  • Genetics – Mendelian genetics, inheritance patterns, human genetics, and gene technologies
  • Evolution – Charles Darwin, micro and macroevolution, the geological column, and fossil record evidence
  • Prokaryotes and Viruses – Classification, Archaea, Bacteria, and Viruses
  • Protists and Fungi – Characteristics and classification
  • Plant Diversity and Reproduction – Classifying plants and life cycle
  • Plant Structure and Function – Plant anatomy and physiology, transporting water and nutrients, plant growth, hormones, and responses
  • Animals – Invertebrates (part 1) – Characteristics and diversity
  • Animals – Invertebrates (part 2) – Arthropods
  • Animals – Chordates (part 1) – Characteristics and diversity
  • Animals – Chordates (part 2) – Birds and mammals
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