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What We Believe 4-Volume Boxed Set


The award-winning four-volume set is now available in a beautiful slipcase.

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Our children are bombarded daily with competing messages. Every song, movie, book, TV show, blog, and game is full of ideas – ideas about God, people, truth, beauty, and right and wrong. Not all of these ideas are true. Some are deceptive and even destructive.

Because it is more important than ever that children learn to discern the truth, Apologia has partnered with Summit Ministries to bring the What We Believe series to your family.

The What We Believe series is an outstanding way to teach children the essential beliefs of the Christian faith, but it’s so much more! With this beautifully illustrated Bible-based curriculum, your children will learn to use Scripture as the perfect lens through which to view the world around them and stand firm in the truth. Featuring engaging stories, creative notebooking, and fun activities, this four-part series is presented in a conversational style that makes the study of God’s Word exciting and memorable for the whole family!

“Great for parents to use with their children at home!” Chuck Colson, BreakPoint

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What's Included?

Who Am I? Textbook

Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here? helps children understand what it means to be fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of the Most High God. Students will develop a healthy, biblical self-image based on the truths taught in this second book in the What We Believe Series.

What on Earth Can I Do? Textbook

What On Earth Can I Do?, the fourth book in the award-winning What We Believe series, helps children understand what it means to be a "good and faithful servant" of God (Matthew 25:23) and to be stewards of all the blessings we have from God. It will help them choose to put God first in every area of their lives based on biblical truths taught in this study of stewardship.

Who Is My Neighbor? Textbook

Who Is My Neighbor? And Why Does He Need Me? helps children understand what it means to be salt and light to the world (Matthew 5:13-14). This study will encourage kids to develop a Christlike servant attitude based on biblical truths taught in this third book in the What We Believe series.

Who Is God? Textbook

Who is God? And How Can I Really Know Him? introduces the concept of worldview while laying the foundational truths upon which a biblical Christian worldview is built; God is truth and He reveals His truth to people.

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