Biology 2nd Ed Video Instruction Thumb Drive (For PC & Mac)

These videos that accompany Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd Edition, featuring Apologia author and marine biologist, Sherri Seligson, will enhance your student’s education with outstanding instruction. The video content includes on-location videos, animations, instructor explanations, experiments, and more. This helps students absorb the concepts in a richer and more engaging way, and it encompasses all types of learners. The animations help explain more difficult concepts in a three-dimensional, interactive way rather than in a static, two-dimensional text only. And the medium allows students to review material until they really understand it.

This is an optional supplemental product to be used in addition to the textbook, solutions and test manual, and student notebook.




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Recommended Grade: 9

This course, like most of our upper-level courses, has a complete module-by-module instructional video with an instructor presenting all the material within a module via animations, power points, diagrams, and on-location videos so students are able to learn the information in a more engaging format and see practical connections to the material presented. Additionally, videos of all the experiments are included, so parents and students can better understand how to set them up at home. Complete explanations of the labs are provided, too.

Please note: This is a supplemental resource and you will need to purchase the textbook, solutions and test manual, and student notebook.

Technical Requirements:

To use this USB product you must have:

  1. A USB port on your Windows or Mac computer (USB 2.0 or higher recommended)

  2. A web browser to display the menu on the disc (no internet connection required)

  3. A program capable of playing .mp4 files (such as QuickTime, VLC Player, or Windows Media Player)

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