How do homeschooling parents navigate all of the curriculum choices and select homeschool curriculum that best prepares our children to learn?


Organize your ideas and throughts for selecting homeschool curriculum by using the handy planning pages in this curriuclum planning guide. This is no longer the homeschool curriculum landscape of 1970. Once upon a time, all the curriculum options available to homeschooling families could fit on one table. Back in the early days of homeschooling, many homeschooling families had to do some extensive searching to find textbooks. However, this is not the case anymore. Homeschooling families have become such a growing market that companies are seeking out homeschoolers.

How do homeschooling parents begin to research curriculum and select the homeschool curriculum that best fits their child’s learning style, their family’s homeschool style, and their family budget?

How can homeschooling parents consolidate their plan when they have multiple children and have to account for multiple ages and varying learning styles?


Apologia has prepared a FREE homeschool Curriculum Planning Guide to help you identify and outline goals and plans for your curriculum choices.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Five must-knows before selecting a curriculum from a mom of 7 with over 22 years of homeschooling experience. Are you missing any of these tips as you research and select curriculum?
  • Tips for homeschooling multiple ages from a homeschool mom of 4. If you are homeschooling various ages, you need these tips!
  • A homeschool curriculum planning sheet where you can journal more extensive notes for each child and each subject. These planning sheets are the perfect place to record all the ideas you brainstorm based on each child’s needs and learning style!
  • A subject planning chart you can complete for each child in your homeschool as you begin to solidify your plan and research resources
  • Two different prayer journal pages where you can record prayers for each child as you reflect and plan. Make multiple copies and use them throughout the year as you work and adjust your curriculum choices.

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