Dissection Tool Set

This set comes with the high-quality tools needed to complete dissection experiments in Exploring Creation with Marine Biology and Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology.  These tools are also included in a separate kit for use with Exploring Creation with Biology, called Biology Dissection Kit with Specimens.



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This dissecting tool set is recommended for use for the dissection experiments in any of Apologia's biology courses. If you do not already have the needed tools from the Exploring Creation with Biology course, this set can be paired with the Marine Biology or Advanced Biology dissection specimens.

This set includes:

  • T pins - pack of 10
  • Probe and Seeker - chrome
  • Curved Teasing Needle
  • Straight Teasing Needle
  • Cartilage Knife - stainless steel
  • Scalpel - stainless steel
  • Forceps - stainless steel
  • Scissors - stainless steel
  • 3" Glass Dropper
  • 6" Plastic Ruler
  • Molded Plastic Case

Please Note: This set does NOT include a Pan and Flex Pad.

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