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Live Classes

Immerse your middle and high school students in an unparalleled learning journey with Apologia Live Classes. Elevate their learning experience with exceptional online homeschool classes, where they become part of a vibrant virtual community. Each week, students engage in live classrooms, fostering interaction with our outstanding instructors and enabling personalized learning.

Tailored for homeschool students in grades 6th–12th, Apologia offers a diverse range of live classes in science, math, foreign language, art and literature, history, government, apologetics, Bible, and worldview. Empower your child with interactive teaching that transcends traditional boundaries, providing them with a dynamic and enriching educational adventure.



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Homeschool Bootcamp

Navigating the Homeschool Adventure

Whether you’re just embarking on your homeschool journey or have been walking the path for many years, Apologia’s Homeschool Bootcamp is for you.

This FREE video series will help you navigate the homeschool journey with practical, down-to-earth guidance and wisdom gained from experienced homeschool parents on the path.

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  • What are the features of Apologia’s Live Classes?

    • All of our courses are high-quality, college preparatory courses
    • All have a credit value to record on your records/transcripts. Most are worth 1 full credit, but some courses vary. Please check with your state requirements as some states differ.
    • Our professional teachers do all grading, testing, etc., but you as the administrator/principal of your homeschool institution will record all the grading in your own bookkeeping records.
    • Live classes are taught by our trained homeschool moms and dads with doctorates, masters, and other appropriate degrees, as well as other incredible teachers who are experts and specialists in their fields and are evangelical Christians with a Biblical worldview. Most have been on our team for many years and are the best in the industry.
  • Are Live Classes recorded and available on-demand?

    Yes. Students will have full access to previously recorded classes and the professional virtual classroom. If students are absent for a class, they can always watch the recording 24/7, so if they miss a class, nothing is lost by missing the live session.

  • Are Apologia’s Live Classes accredited?

    No. We have not sought accreditation for our Live Classes. There are multiple state and private accrediting agencies with varying standards, and they are not regulated by any governing body. Since each individual homeschool is the authorized and legal educational institution, accreditation is unnecessary. Not even all public high schools are accredited.  We offer our live classes to independent homeschools as a resource for the parents. Although students will receive grades from their instructors, parents are responsible for issuing the appropriate credit(s) and preparing official transcripts.

  • Are Apologia’s Live Classes a school?

    No, you as the homeschool family are the legal, authorized educational institution. Apologia’s Live Classes serve as part of the selected curriculum for your family’s homeschool.

  • Do Apologia’s Live Classes receive good reviews?

    Apologia Live Classes has been voted #1 in Science and Bible for the past three years by the readers of the largest homeschool magazine in the country.

  • Are Live Classes considered AP?

    Advanced Placement and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board. For a course to be labeled as AP or Advanced Placement, its content and syllabus must be reviewed and approved by the College Board. 

    Because our live classes and curriculum are not AP certified, the transcript cannot honestly indicate AP designation.

    However, the majority of students, after taking our advanced science courses, can take the AP exams that correlate with the content. Parents can then indicate the AP test scores on a transcript. If students would like to take an AP exam, we recommend they also complete an AP prep book so that they are more aware of the types of questions that will be asked and have access to a few practice AP tests as well.