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12 Living Books About Astronomy

Trisha Vuong|November 2, 2023

We have compiled a list of 12 living books that complement the study of Exploring Creation with Astronomy.

First things first. What is a living book? It is one of the more perplexing questions that Charlotte Mason inspired homeschoolers wrestle with. Miss Mason emphasized that we offer a generous feast of living stories to children.

“Why in the world should we not give children, while they are at school, the sort of books they can live upon; books alive with thought and feeling, and delight in knowledge, instead of the miserable cram-books on which they are starved?”

Formation of Character, p. 291

How Do You Distinguish a Living Book?

So, how do you distinguish a living book? Here are some characteristics to help you discern a living book:

  1. Typically, it is written by a single author who has a passion for the subject discussed.
  2. The tone will sound more conversational. It will feel casual and personal.
  3. You can easily picture yourself in the story in your mind’s eye. The emotion will grab you.
  4. The storytelling will be well-written and without watered-down language that some call twaddle.

Living Books About Astronomy

Here are some fantastic living books we found that would pair well with any study of elementary astronomy. Always check your local library first, as many of these titles are in public circulation.

  1. Mission to Mars by Franklyn M. Branley
  2. Look to the Stars by Buzz Aldrin
  3. Pluto’s Secret by Margaret A. Weitekamp with David DeVorkin
  4. Listening to the Stars: Jocelyn Bell Burnell Discovers Pulsars by Jodie Parachini
  5. One Giant Leap: The Story of Neil Armstrong by Don Brown
  6. Caroline’s Comets, A True Story by Emily Arnold McCully
  7. Starry Messenger, Galileo Galilei by Peter Sis
  8. Annie Jump Cannon, Astronomer by Carole Gerber
  9. Always Looking Up, Nancy Grace Roman, Astronomer by Laura Gehl
  10. Sun Up, Sun Down, The Story of Day and Night by Jacqui Bailey
  11. Sailing Home, A Story of a Childhood at Sea by Gloria Rand
  12. The Girl Who Named Pluto, the Story of Venetia Burney by Alice B. McGinty
charlotte mason science homeschool curriculum
Living Books About Astronomy

Exploring Creation with Astronomy

Our Exploring Creation with Astronomy curriculum is part of the award-winning Young Explorer Series, voted #1 in homeschool science curriculum. This elementary Astronomy science course explores the far reaches of the universe and points students to the God that created it. Written by author Jeannie Fulbright, your student’s curiosity about space will soar with this study!

If you want an enhanced experience with this course, we highly suggest the downloadable audio version read aloud by Jeannie Fulbright to supplement your study.

Our very own Davis and Rachael Carman recently talked about the science behind a solar eclipse on the Let’s Talk Homeschool podcast.